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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week: Technical Difficulties February 10, 2013

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

The Sindo website has been updated during the week, but they seem to have forgotten to update much of the content this morning. So no Stupid Statement is possible. They seem to have gotten rid of the today’s paper section as well. I would say let’s hope they get it sorted out for next week, but not sure I’d mean it.


1. Jonathan - February 10, 2013

Can one have a Saturday Independent Stupid Statement (a Sando?) in the form of Liz O’Donnell’s (I’m guessing it’s the former PD) sickeningly sycophantic tribute to Michael Noonan, which ends with “At a Dublin Chamber gathering of business leaders on Thursday evening in Dublin, there was a palpable feeling of positivity and relief. For critics to bang on about burdening grandchildren is churlish. And of course, there was, as always, room for humour. As one wag quipped at the dinner: “What have our grandchildren ever done for us?””


EWI - February 10, 2013

Bast*rds, the lot of them. And worse on her for promoting this sociopathic behaviour.


ejh - February 10, 2013

Good line though. Could do with a wider audience.


CL - February 10, 2013
Bartholomew - February 11, 2013

The original (and in precisely the same circumstances, a finance bill):



2. Jonathan - February 10, 2013

I wonder if there were any wags quipping about Dublin businesses and their use of Magdalene laundries. After all, a ledger found in Drumcondra revealed that Guinnesses, Clery’s, a number of prominent hotels, the Bank of Ireland, and Portmarnock and Clontarf golf clubs all used the laundry’s services (and these are just the ones that we know about (or at least that I know about, after reading this: http://www.alliancesupport.org/news/archives/004112.html)). If odious debt crushing future generations of Irish people is so funny, then I’m sure forced labour is too!


3. Jonathan - February 10, 2013

“Does it reduce our debt burden? If you don’t care what happens after 2023, then yes. In line with Keynesian logic – that pushing debt back is okay because “in the long run we’re all dead” – our debt obligations over that period will fall by €20bn. The trouble with Keynes is that he had no children. For him, future generations are like cows in a distant field: Too far away to register.” Intellectual colossus Marc Coleman puts the boot in John Maynard Keynes by completely misunderstanding his most famous quote. And presumably if Keynes’s wife hadn’t miscarried in 1927, then he wouldn’t have come up with any of this dangerous, irresponsible nonsense…


que - February 10, 2013

off the wall fact about Keynes’ wife – she was once caught starkers in a cold room trying to cool down from the DC heat. She was a real spirited one that one.


Crunchy - February 11, 2013

Jesus , he either really dumb or really disingenuous . Possibly both.


4. Joe - February 10, 2013

Got a gander at the Sindo when I was over at the sister’s today for lunch. They bigged up the numbers at the demos yesterday. Put 100,000 on the front page and in the inside page story. In days gone by, they would barely have mentioned the marches and would have gone unquestioningly with the low Garda estimate.
What’s that about?


Garibaldy - February 10, 2013

Must have been in one of its blame the Germans weeks. Or newly-buoyant at the FF figures, and moving onto the offensive against the government more openly on its behalf.


WorldbyStorm - February 10, 2013

Jesus, that’s a good point about moving onto offensive against govt ‘more openly’ etc, etc. I guess I tend to think the S. Indo is FG leaning, but as good or better a case can be made that it’s actually FF with a side order of PD.


smiffy - February 10, 2013

Never forget 1997 and ‘It’s payback time’.


WorldbyStorm - February 10, 2013

Yes indeed. And the nomination of one EH to the Seanad.


Garibaldy - February 10, 2013

I think it’s also about supporting whoever is not in government running Croke Park. Labour being in coalition is enough to put them off FG for the moment as well I think.


5. Starkadder - February 10, 2013

” In days gone by, they would barely have mentioned the marches and would have gone unquestioningly with the low Garda estimate.”

And hint darkly at the “hidden hand” of the Provos in the


6. Tomboktu - February 10, 2013

When the Freedom of Information Act is extended to the Gardaí, I expect somebody will use it to get the data that they base their figures on.


7. Yobbah - February 11, 2013

Which Garda estimate? The ones taking part in the march or the ones watching it?


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