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Property tax protests… February 11, 2013

Posted by guestposter in Irish Politics.

From Gandhi.

Occupations of Council Offices taking place now, Dublin, Swords, etc now occupied

Occupation of lobby of Fingal County Council underway – meeting suspended

Labour Party councillors call for the Gardaí!

CAHWT campaigners against the property tax have just brought Fingal council to a standstill by occupying the council lobby in Swords. The campaigners occupied the council lobby and disrupted the council meeting chanting against the new home tax.

Eileen Gabbett from Blanchardstown, said : “We have to bring these austerity taxes to the attention of the politicians. Unfortunately, they have ignored us and not attended our meetings. So they have left us with no option but to stage this type of protest. They won’t come and listen to us, so we must come to them. It’s a sad day that we have to occupy public buildings to be heard.”

James Faulkner from Balbriggan said : ” Property tax will tip thousands of families into poverty. FG and Labour politicians seem oblivious to reality. We can’t pay this and the water tax — where do they think we will get the money from? We can barely pay our mortgages.”

The protesters said they want to send a message to the political parties that this is only the beginning of serious protests against the property tax if its not withdrawn and that they will be building a boycott of the tax forms when they are sent to householders next month. They also called on unions to take a stand against the tax. They asked people to get involved in the campaign through its hotline 1890 989800.


1. The Caretaker - February 11, 2013

Plains clothes cops roughing up and arresting activists at South Dublin CC occupation


Joe - February 11, 2013

AGSI Solidarity: We’ll march with you on Saturday and rough you up on Monday.


2. Glen Clifford - February 11, 2013

Paul Murphy MEP being arrested by plain clothes Garda, along with 5 others in South Dublin CC.


Glen Clifford - February 11, 2013

Reports of others arrested in Galway. All have now been released. Occupation underway in Kilkenny Borough Council, follows earlier actions in Fingal, South Dublin, Dublin City and Galway City Councils


3. Forbolg - February 13, 2013

Plain clothes cops almost certainly means Special Branch direct action tactics in this context.If so who is calling the shots? Shatter would be my bet.


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