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Looks familiar February 12, 2013

Posted by Oireachtas Retort in Economy.

From the front of today’s FT.

Perhaps Enda should have order green jerseys instead of ties.


1. shea - February 12, 2013

hypothetically. if the euro does collapse and presuming the ECB goes with it, where would that leave our new arrangement.


2. CL - February 12, 2013

A little over two years economist prognosticators were confidently predicting that the euro would soon reach parity with the dollar. This has not happened. The euro has strengthened. The Germans are winning the economic argument. They have always wanted a strong euro to replace the strong deutschmark. The stronger the currency the less the danger of inflation. Hollande, on the other hand has been advocating a weaker euro to encourage exports. He does not seem to be getting his way. The likelihood of a currency war,-competitive depreciations-, also seem to be receding, but one never knows. Predictions of the eurozone falling apart and the demise of the euro are proving to be premature.
‘French President Francois Hollande last week urged government leaders to steer the value of the euro lower to boost growth, a proposal rejected by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.’


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