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Readers of the Lost Revolution… February 22, 2013

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…can be found in the most unlikely places. Or perhaps not.


1. Ed - February 22, 2013

What a creepy, scummy little shit McCausland is. This is the guy, let it be remembered, who published a sectarian break-down of the people employed by the housing executive in north Belfast, specifying how many Catholics and Protestants there were, and then pretended to be shocked when one of the workers had their car burnt out by loyalists a week later.


Took me a while to find the original post about Martin O’Hagan, but the gist of it was unmistakably to suggest that O’Hagan was killed by the LVF because he was a member of the Official IRA (which he had ceased to be many years beforehand), rather than because he published stories that embarassed Billy Wright and co. A convenient line I guess, for a guy whose party colleague shared a platform with Wright.

That blog is a real sewer; he also had a post obviously trying to incite some kind of violence against a young Alliance Party member:


The only light relief was his post on ‘Tabasco Sauce – the Ulster Connection’:



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