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The CLR Political Quiz …. Number 21 February 22, 2013

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. In the Stability Treaty Referendum Ronan O’Gara, Brian Cody, Sharon Shannon and Nina Carberry were all in newspaper ads appealing for a Yes vote. What was the name of the group that sponsored the ads?

2. What job did Fianna Fail TD Sean Fleming have prior to being elected a TD?

3. Who was co-opted to replace Joan Collins on Dublin City Council after her election to the Dail in 2011?

4. What candidate who featured in multiple elections in the 1980s had “Abbey of The Holy Cross” as part of his name ?

5. Which former Fianna Fail Councillor stood as an Independent in the 1994 European Elections?

6. In 1989 General Election the ‘Gay and Lesbian Equality Campaign’ fielded 3 candidates , name them ?

7. In 2011 Eamon Ryan was elected leader of the Green Party… who were the 2 defeated candidates in the contest?

8. In 1980 who released a single called ‘Charlie Stepped In’ ? (it was to the tune of Lannigans Ball)

9. What Party had an Address at 27 South Frederick Street , Dublin ? (it wasn’t the PDs)

10. Who is this?

Answers to CLR Political Quiz 20 below…

1. Ruairi Quinn
2. Believed to be the first traveller to stand for the Dail.
3. Peoples Party of Ireland
4. Jerry Cowley in Mayo
5. Lowest recorded number of votes in a General Election with 13 in Dublin North West in 1997
6. Fine Gael
7. Michael Lowry
8. Yes in the 1991 Local Elections in North Inner City ward.
9. Marc Coleman
10. Frank Cluskey


1. doctorfive - February 22, 2013

1. Was either an employers thing or the Halligan & Cox roadshow
2. Has the look of man who spent his Sunday afternoons swiping coins off a pool table
3. Dunne


2. Tomboktu - February 22, 2013

2 IIRC, Fleming was general secretary of Fianna Fáil

6 Don Donnelly, Tonie Walsh and (Pastor) Michael Foley. (However, they were not the first candidates to stand on an lgb rights issue in a general election.)


irishelectionliterature - February 22, 2013

That was Liz Noonan?


Tomboktu - February 22, 2013

I think so. And Tonie Walsh ran for a Coroporation seat before 1989. (Come back John Goodwillie, we need your expertise!)


irishelectionliterature - February 23, 2013

Tonie Walsh ran in Rathmines in 1985 polling 167 votes


3. Tomboktu - February 23, 2013

Poking through a website run by, eh, irishelectionloiterature, I find the answer to question 1 is “Alliance for Ireland”.


4. eamonncork - February 23, 2013

4 is Fitzsimons, W I think was the first initial. I remember election nights in the eighties being grealy enlivened in our house by the announcement of his name.


5. eamonncork - February 23, 2013

And 8 is Frank Kelly, instead of ‘learning to dance for Lanigans Ball,’ the chorus went ‘learning to dance for Fianna Fail.’ Sundry Arms Trial references and quite funny actually.


6. maddurdu - February 23, 2013

1. Comrade the correct nomenclature is ‘austerity treaty’


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