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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week February 24, 2013

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Great news from the European Commission via the Sindo. The economy will outperform the other major economies in the Eurozone. Major economy? And lies, damned lies, and statistics is all I have to say about that. As for the stupid statement, not a lot, but this more than qualifies.

John Drennan has identified the real winners from the austerity agenda while the middle is squeezed.

The problem the Coalition has been unable or unwilling to solve is that while it knows the people are poor, every action they take only serves, with the exceptions of the welfare and the billionaire classes, to accentuate that poverty.

Welfare recipients have not been impoverished in any way shape or form during the last few years, clearly.


1. Dr. X - February 24, 2013

I’m genuinely flabbergasted by the Drennan remark. A response like “what planet is he on” doesn’t even begin to do justice to it.


2. greengoddess2 - February 24, 2013

I give up. The next scapegoats after the PS. It should be us instead. We deserve it.


3. gfmurphy101 - February 24, 2013

No mention from Drennan about the INM plea for a debt write down from state supported banks? I assume he does’nt consider it ‘welfare’ where some of the wealthiest people in Ireland get debts written off at the expense of citizens!
But in all honesty is there any point in engaging in debate with the mouthpiece of those ‘wealthy people’…….. revolution anyone????


4. doctorfive - February 24, 2013
Tomboktu - February 25, 2013

I don’t know if CPSU is dancing. It represents some of the lower paid civil servants. (The grade lower than its members are represented by IMPACT, which also represents staff across a wide range of pay levels in both the civil and wider public service.)


5. Forbolg - February 24, 2013

What are we to make of the new INM Charter which made a very low-key debut via a minor item in Thursdays IT financial pages ?My guess is first fruits of DOB board takeover.
Is today’s huge splash on Lorwy/Phelan a pre emptive strike by the Harrises aimed a DOB and to make their removal much less acceptable by the public?
How likely is it that the Sindo received the tape just hours after the Charter made its appearance ?
Colum “nobody asked me to write this” was the only overt response.


6. Ciaran - February 24, 2013

Perhaps John Drennan was indulging in some deliciously subtle satire? Made all the more delicious by the fact that he writes for the least subtle publication available in this country, this side of Viz.


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