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Locked out February 27, 2013

Posted by Oireachtas Retort in media, Trade Unions.


Perhaps it will get a proper airing later in the year


1. Blissett - February 27, 2013

The scene in the last episode where the camera pans to the Fitz in his army uniform is one of the most powerful scenes RTÉ ever recorded. Heartbreaking. Tremendous series/film


WorldbyStorm - February 27, 2013


Sort of typical it’s not available. It can be got online on DVD, but somehow…


Branno's ultra-left t-shirt - February 27, 2013

it was available on youtube last year


Brian's a bogger - February 28, 2013

Ye, I remember Lookleft were banging on about it.


2. CMK - February 27, 2013

‘This video contains content from RTE, who has blocked it on the grounds that it has been downhill all the way since they made Strumpet City and they don’t want people to be reminded of the fact. Particularly when the licence fee is going to subsidise the luxurious lifestyles of non-entities like Brendan O’Connor, Ryan Turbridy and Pat Kenny.’


WorldbyStorm - February 27, 2013

It’s an interesting point re crazed PS funded salaries of the latter crew and just what could be achieved with those wages.


Jack Jameson - February 28, 2013

I’m just waiting for a public sector rep to turn the tables and quiz Pat Kenny, Joe Duffy or Marian Finucane live on air about their wages and become a hero overnight.

RMT Gen Sec Bob Crow did it to a BBC inquisitor pillorying London Underground rail workers’ wage demands and it gave the argument a whole different complexion when the spluttering Beeb hack had recovered from the shock.


CMK - February 28, 2013

Not sure where Turbridy stands on the matter, but O’Connor and Kenny are, as you know, rabidly anti-public sector. Like lots of other areas the money being funnelled into the pockets of, eh, ‘stars’ while most of the rank of file in RTE, including many immensely talented programme makers, make do with less and less.


doctorfive - February 28, 2013

but they could be pouched by competitors!

There are no replacements what with Ireland be an island and the abundance of employment


3. Roasted Snow - February 27, 2013

Noticed Rebel Heart has disappeared of You Tube and isn’t available on DVD.


EWI - February 28, 2013

Roasted Snow – email me.


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