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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Beach House March 2, 2013

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Have been in Baltimore (Maryland rather than Cork) the past week, so figured I’d do a Baltimore related post this weekend. Having consulted a colleague he came up with Beach House (as well as a load of others) and also declined to do a guest post on music in Baltimore 🙂 .

Having listened to a few Beach House songs on youtube I went out and bought their latest release ‘Bloom’ in a fantastic record shop close to where I’m staying. It had probably the best selection of vinyl I’ve seen to in the last 15 years. The temptation to buy was huge but impractical. Instead over a number of visits, I settled for the aforementioned Beach House album, a Thin Lizzy Jailbreak T-Shirt, some Mark Kozelek albums, one by Sun Kil Moon and a Rough Trade compilation ‘Rock and Roll 1’ which has all sorts of delights from Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments to Alex Chilton.

There’s a great delight in discovering a new band and I’ve been listening to them all week…. and as the week has gone on they’ve grown and grown on me. Not just the music but their odd videos too. The sight of the man in the Indian head dress in the video for ‘Lover of mine’ is one peculiar image (actually most of that video is peculiar)

Described as ‘Dream Pop’, they’ve released four albums. I love the voice and the mix of old synth sounds with the guitar. Its fairly melodic too. Other than that I know little about them …. they are a bit arty.
Anyway enjoy.

Their wiki entry

The Beach House Website

and a little addition of a short feature ‘Still Forever’ where Beach House perform 4 songs from Bloom in this atmospheric short film, including Wild, The Hours, Wishes, and Irene.


1. 6to5against - March 2, 2013

WRT vinyl and al things associated, have you read ‘Telegraph Ave’ by Michael Chabon?
I think you might enjoy it


2. WorldbyStorm - March 2, 2013

Nice find, I see they’re Franco US. Assuming those videos are made in Baltimore does anyone else think the place looks exactly like it does on the Wire?


irishelectionliterature - March 3, 2013

It does, or at least some areas do. The long rows of flat roofed housed, the corners, small bars, derelict buildings (although thats another story regarding the Citys seizure of derelict sites) and of course the Harbour and its Dominos Sugar sign.


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