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Bits and Pieces March 30, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, The Left.

I can’t recall if I mentioned the new David Bowie album, released only a short enough while back. I have to admit I like it. Some four or so genuinely memorable songs, while the rest are more textural but none the worse for it. This elegiac Bowie is curiously pleasing – perhaps because he’s bloody older than I am and still making music! And in a way it’s been a good year so far for returns, MBV, Bowie, another album from John Foxx and next month the greats, OMD.

Meanwhile, the V&A in London has an exhibition of Bowie lasting until mid-August. I’m planning to get along. Last exhibition of that sort I saw was the Vivienne Westwood Westwood show which was pretty good, and before that an excellent Joy Division/New Order one in the Design Museum on the Thames.

Anyhow, here is Tilda Swinton’s speech at the opening of the V&A exhibition.

Meanwhile back in the DPRK, away from the latest rattling of sabres

What to make of this story of state intervention in personal lives… now, caveat, it’s according to ‘a news website run by Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV network’.

It appears that :

…the North Korean government has recommended a relatively generous range of 28 hairstyles for its citizens, claiming that they are “the most comfortable” styles

There’s a gender divide…

The list of 18 acceptable female hairstyles show North Korean women are given more choice in their coiffeur after they wed. Approved styles for single women are simple but married women are permitted to indulge in a few extra stylistic flourishes. This also has the useful effect of establishing whether a woman is married or not at a glance.

And can this be true that they actually believe this?

Men are somewhat more restricted, with only ten styles to choose from and a longer list of rules to follow. The hair of the country’s young men should be less than 5 cm long and they should have a haircut once every 15 days as longer hair apparently takes away nutrition from their brains. Older men, whose brains are presumably in decline anyway, are allowed to rock out with hair as long as 7 cm.

This does not sound good.

The news that BBC’s the Hour has been cancelled surprised me. I’d have thought that if ever a programme was ready made for the contemporary era, with its evocation of the 1950s, this was the one. And the first series had a lot to like in it from Romola Garai and Ben Whishaw’s characters to the exploration of aspects of class in that period. Nor did it seem to be too much in love with itself, a real problem in a lot of TV drama. Anyhow, Season Two made and shown and they announce it is over. Not sure how much of an outcry there has been, though although only half way through Season Two there were one or two instances where a far too modern sensibility seemed to be applied to political and social aspects. And yet, Season One was so good that I think it kind of stands on its own two feet even if they never do get to a Season Three.

For obscurantists everywhere, here’s supposedly the best 50 albums you’ve never heard… says who? Flavorwire. Mileage may vary on this one.

Finally, consider this, John Scalzi, mentioned here before in relation to his take on Objectivism, has taken an interesting approach to a particularly disgusting example of trolling on his blog. Details here. Good on him.


1. LeftAtTheCross - March 30, 2013

Speaking of Bowie there were a couple of programmes about him last night on BBC4 TV. One tends to forget how forget how good he was back in the 70s. I had intended having an early night but could I drag myself away from it? I heard the single form the new album and it didn’t immediately jump out, but perhaps he’s worth a bit more listening.

10 male haircuts in the DPRK? I don’t think my barber in Navan has that many! I’m overdue a cut and intend making my way in their later this afternoon, I must raise it with the woman who usually cuts my hair, it’ll make a change to discussing the weather and the kids and holiday plans etc.


2. doctorfive - March 30, 2013

Fairly sure the trolls donation thing was done by someone else


3. que - March 30, 2013

I have to say I’ve gotten by with about 4 different styles of haircuts and half my life has been lived to date (fingers crossed).

10 seems positively indulgent.


4. doctorfive - March 30, 2013

Sunday Times

Fine Gael 27 (+1) Fianna Fail 23 (-1) Labour 7 (-4) Sinn Fein 15 (-4) Greens 2 (-1) Independents 25 (+7)


doctorfive - March 30, 2013

At what point will Others pass FG?


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