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Sinn Féin Ard Fheis 2013 April 12, 2013

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Due to get under way in Castlebar shortly. No sign of a clár yet but motions available here and speeches here over the course of the weekend.

Gerry Adams was on with Pat this morning.


1. Roger Cole - April 12, 2013

Sinn Fein is affiliated to PANA and myself and Seamas Ratigan will reperesent PANA at the Ard Fheis. We welcome the resolutions on the foreign policy debate and SF’s clear continuing support for positive neutrality. It stands in contrast to the decision of the Labour Party in government to support the policy of “additional military flights” through Shannon Airport, its support for the continuing Irish army participation in the Afghan War, its decision to participate in the Mali war and to continue to support Irish participation in EU Battle Groups via the Swedish led Nordic Battle Group in 2015.


2. Jim Monaghan - April 12, 2013

Given Labour’s betrayal and the implosion of the far left, perhaps this is the only game in town. It would be great to see the emergence of a leftwing pressure group that could counter coalition tendencies.


3. doctorfive - April 12, 2013

Streaming now

Mary Lou speaking



WorldbyStorm - April 12, 2013

A1, thanks doctorfive


4. steve McCann - April 12, 2013

jim i reckon the best hope of a group within sf to counter coalition tendancies left or are now with eirigi


Jim Monaghan - April 13, 2013

Outside SF now. But if they keep a distance from the cul de sac policies of militarism they have my good wishes. For me any dalliance with militarism is juts a path to the grave or a prison cell. Only a mass campaign can win. Oh and I am not a peacenik. For me you tie all forms of struggle to the real needs of the situation.


Ghandi - April 15, 2013



5. doctorfive - April 12, 2013

Excellent contribution on water metering from some guy from Clones a few minutes back. Who was the Basque guest speaker anyone know?

One of the Labour shadow Cabinet in attendance also.


6. LeftAtTheCross - April 13, 2013

IT headline: “Sinn Féin leader does not completely rule out a government with Micheál Martin’s party”

Adams quote: “I’m not mesmerised about being in government except on terms which advance the historic project which we have set ourselves and that is to build a fair and just society and to build a real republic across this island.”


The beginning of the softening up of the membership & support base?


7. Jim Monaghan - April 13, 2013

I liked Mary Lou’s dig at Howlin, the guy with the stick who is not a stick


8. Jackson Way - April 13, 2013

Mary Lou, Adams and Marty, FF in waiting. J Monaghan – draft dodger


9. Jackson Way - April 13, 2013

Mary Lou, Adams and Marty, FF in waiting. Any one saying otherwise is a moron or a knave.


10. doctorfive - April 13, 2013

Ard Fheis rejects motions for a free vote on the issue of abortion. Barely ten hands raised in favour.


LeftAtTheCross - April 13, 2013

One of those ten presumably being peadar toibin?


Blissett - April 15, 2013

No, actually!!! Member of Ard Chomhairle, so couldn’t vote against their mandate!!


11. doctorfive - April 13, 2013

He spoke in favour alight. I think every one that did was prolife. It’s interesting how personal choice & not having others view imposed becomes a concern isn’t it…

Motion in favour of an all island football league just passed too I think. Gerry’s speech on in a few minutes. Broadcast on RTÉ News Now I think


12. doctorfive - April 13, 2013

“a real Labour Party with a principled leadership should not be in government with Fine Gael” says he


Ciarán - April 14, 2013

SF haven’t ruled out going into a coalition with FG.


Jack Jameson - April 14, 2013

After SF making such a big issue on scrapping the Property Tax, what do you think the chances are of coalescing with FG (if FG would have or need SF)?


WorldbyStorm - April 14, 2013

I would think the chances of FG and SF being in coalition would be minimal for a very very long time. Any FGer I know it’s not just an absurd idea, it’s anathema to them (and a fair few FFers of my acquaintance would have a similar line come to think of it.


13. Ghandi - April 15, 2013

Whatever the numbers throw up following an election, this is about power not politics.


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