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This Weekend I’m Mostly Listening to… Twelve Tracks + 1 and a bonus track too… April 27, 2013

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Nothing particularly special about the selection or order of these, just tracks I’ve heard (or listened to again) over the last while or so that I liked. A bit of a retrospective aspect to them because I transferred a lot of old CDs into iTunes.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Describing Bodies

Monotonal keyboard. Shoegaze by way of synth. Nothing so crass as beats on this track. From a couple of years back and an excellent album.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Finishing Jubilee Street

As noted previously I’m not one to worship at the shrine of all things Cave. Last album of his I really enjoyed was The Good Son, but this on the Bad Seeds album released two months ago is excellent. And the album is impressive. BTW, Barry Adamson plays bass on this and one other track – his first appearance with them since Your Funeral, My Trial which I tend to think is the best Nick Cave album in any of his incarnations.

Steve Kilbey – Pitstop

This is entirely atypical of the rest of the tracks on Kilbey’s most recent solo album. But there’s something about it’s hippyish inflections…

Sonic Boom – Rock and Roll is Killing my life…

A cover of the Suicide track by Mr. Boom, late of Spacemen 3 and now better known as Spectrum, from around 1990 IIRC. I like it. It strips down the original even further and yet throws in more Rock and Roll elements. That keyboard/organ line sounds just a bit rubbish and yet simultaneously perfect for the version.

And here, as a bonus, is Suicide’s original

Nash the Slash – Dead Man’s Curve

In a similar vein to Boom from 1980/81 was a song I loved at the time, and kind of still do – a reworking of the old Jan and Dean classic from Nash the Slash who made his career by playing electric violin swathed in bandages. A dirty job but someone had to do it.

Icona Pop (feat Charli XCX) – I Love It

So out of touch am I these days, bar unfortunately getting a first hand example of a developing One Direction fan, etc, that I first heard this on Need For Speed – Most Wanted shortly after it had been released. Always liked disposable pop and it doesn’t come much more disposable than this (nothing else that they do comes close to this), released last Summer, co-written by Charli XCX – go to woman for such matters, loved on Pitchfork etc, big hit, title track for tv show of dubious merit (for which read none at all), and now that it’s summer once more worth listening to all over again.

Eddie Gale – Black Rhythm Happening

This and the album it is from is so good that it easily deserves a This Weekend all it’s own. 1969 or so, free jazz meets soul meets gospel. The guitar is particularly good.

And a bit more from Blue Note, from a year or so later. Brazilian bossa nova, soul, pop for those days when one goes on a trip transamazonica.

Antonio Adolfo & A Brazuca – Transamazonica

Bob Mould – Star Machine

More partial to the electronica/dance inflected material he has put out in recent years, but this from his latest album brings back happy memories of Sugar. It’s quite some knack he has of apparently almost effortlessly producing one great song after another.

Function – Inter

Function (aka David Sumner), one of those centrally involved in the Sandwell District collective (now sadly defunct, and something that will be dealt with in an upcoming This Weekend…), along with such luminaries as Silent Servant and Regis. This is fantastic. From his (first!) album Incubation released earlier this year – though this track appeared last year on EP. A sort of reworking/updating of Aphex Twin to good effect.

Amon Duul II – Archangels Thunderbird.

Question: Hawkwind and Amon Duul II (well really Amon Duul I but whatever)… which came first? Best not to ask, perhaps. This is from Yeti from 1970 and very fine it is too. Who could not but love this attempt to meld proto-prog/pop/psychedelia (is that the ghost of Louie Louie in the riff that underpins the track) and rock? Who indeed?

The Doors – Verdilec

This is a bit of a curiosity, from a post-Jim Morrison album put out by the Doors, one of two IIRC. Variable quality overall, the loss of his voice was in no way made up for by the contribution of the others stepping up to the plate and microphone. But… some interesting stuff on it including this fusion of pretty much everything they had to hand at the time. I can understand that some would find it deeply irritating but I kind of like the mix of silliness and instrumental competence.

Casino Royale Theme

Just cos… though this 60s thing is beginning to worry me. I usually find Bacharach a bit too…well… depressing. But this, it’s that bassline/keyboard thing I think.


1. yourcousin - April 27, 2013

RIP George Jones, not my favorite classic country singer but head and shoulders above what passes for country these days


2. Jennifer - April 27, 2013

Good song there, but some of the newer country music is pretty decent too.

Toby Keith comes to mind. Most of his lyrics are great and leave you with a smile on your face.


eamonncork - April 29, 2013

They do if you’re a complete eejit.


3. DJ John Spart - April 29, 2013

The new Fabric 69 is a fitting epitaph for Sandwell District. Although pronounced ‘dead’ over a year ago, I’ll see them at the Amsterdam Open Air in June.

Fans of Oneohtrix Point Never and Function will like this new mix from Vatican Shadow – http://www.residentadvisor.net/forum-read.aspx?id=229094&page=1&sub=1

Muslimgauze features prominently on the mix. Bryn Jones was a prolific producer (100+ LPs and EPs) whose vast body of work referenced the struggles and sounds of the Middle East – ‘Vote Hezbollah’, ‘Fatah Guerilla’, ‘The Rape of Palestine’ etc. Definitely worth consideration for This Weekend…


WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2013

thanks for the headsup on Fabric 69. Looks great. And likewise Muslimgauze.

Funny about them revitalising themselves for some live gigs 🙂 I love Regis’s stuff but it’s dark dark stuff in places.

I think Silent Servants album is one of the best I’ve heard in years.

BTW, if you’d like to write up a This Weekend email me, you’d be very welcome.


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