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Blue sky sprites and visual snow May 12, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

After years of experiencing this and this, and receiving total incomprehension from opticians – noticed by me perhaps because I’m short-sighted and wear contact lenses, good to see that they appear to be real phenomena. I’m guessing the latter is migraine related. Anyone else ever see/experience same?


1. Joe - May 14, 2013

WBS, you are not alone. On the blue sky sprites, inanyways. I’ve seen them and see them. Except I always thought that I’d read somewhere that they are totally harmless very tiny parasites that live in the eyes. Wiki gives a less exciting explanation, to my mind.
Now on the visual snow… I’ve seen it on the telly but can’t say I’ve seen it in the eye like that wiki page describes. So I would suggest two possible explanations: 1.You are watching too many youtube clips as part of your duties as TWIWBMLT manager. 2.This is an eye condition commonly found among Irish people who have a slightly defective position on the national question.
In your case, it’s very possibly a mix of 1 and 2.


WorldbyStorm - May 14, 2013

Phew, I’m not alone. Thanks Joe.

Re theory 2. Hmmm… Could be!


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