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25 Years Ago Tomorrow ….Ireland 1 England 0 June 11, 2013

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The 12th of June 1988 ….. 25 years ago. Brilliant times. The tension as the game wore on and England missed chance after chance, Ronnie Whelan hitting the crossbar, the amazement at the end when we held out and won it.

T-Shirts for sale on O’Connell Bridge , different ones that kept up with the results. A beautiful madness around the place…. great memories.

and here’s Shoot magazines coverage of it 🙂

Oh and as for the thousands that traveled… ..


1. LeftAtTheCross - June 11, 2013

I still have one of those t-shirts. I was living in England at the time but was back in Dublin the following week for a job interview and got the t-shirt. Wore it into work when I went back to England and got dogs abuse. Still brings a tear to the eye watching that goal.


Paul Wilson - June 11, 2013

I was in Dublín that night, the buses stopped so the crews could see the match, my cousin was a clippie and the crowd from the Central bar in Clondalkin ended up jumping on car roofs outside. A great night.


2. Michael Carley - June 11, 2013

Ireland’s unbeaten run against England is now twenty eight years
and Houghton is the last Scottish born player to score against them


3. Joe - June 11, 2013

I was behind the goal :). Happy, happy days. With good buddies that I still meet up with in the Palace after Ireland games these days.
Thanks IEL for putting this up.
Don’t think Ronnie’s shot hit the crossbar though. An inch over and hit the top of the stancheon behind.
Goals against England are always special. Shane Long’s last week was another thing of great beauty.


4. Colm B - June 11, 2013

Feel a bit guilty cos Im not really a footie fan but I just tagged along with some pals who were went to Euro 88 and so I ended up being at the match.
My memory is a bit hazy though of course I remember the goal. Abiding memories are sleeping on a park bench early morning in Stuttgart and being woken by chanting English skinheads passing by with an escort of German police and a drunken train journey back to Aachen (after that it gets very hazy indeed) where we were staying in a poor friend of a friends flat. About ten of us jammed into a tiny wee place. It was a glorious summer, ah to be alive…..


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