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A request for the Archive in relation to the CPI (M-L) in the late 1970s. July 15, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive, Irish Politics, The Left.

Has anyone any documents from CPI (M-L) from the late 1970s where it appears there was a serious disagreement in that party. This is detailed, albeit obliquely, in this document here in the Archive from CPI (M-L) from 1982.

The promotion of revisionist lines to conciliate and collaborate with the revisionists, social-democrats and opportunists, and in general, with the labour aristocracy controlling the trade unions, under the hoax that this was ‘repudiating the main error of CPI(M-L)’s past under the Maoist influence, ‘left sectarianism’ which became a trend in articles on the workers’ struggles in ‘Red Patriot’ during 1979, in particular for a short time support for the slogan of the labour aristocracy in the campaign against the burden of PAYE income tax, ‘Tax the Greedy, not the Needy’ which had been developed by the revisionist so-called ‘Sinn Féin the Workers’ Party’.

If there’s any further information that would much appreciated.


1. Jolly Red Giant - July 15, 2013

I doubt there are any written documents about this – the CPI(ML) really didn’t do ‘disagreements’ within the group. They tended to boot whoever raised any criticism of the gospel according to Hoxha and then take a swipe at them sometime in the future.


2. littlemicky2012 - July 15, 2013

Yeah unlike other left parties hahahahaha


Jolly Red Giant - July 15, 2013

Many left groups and parties have internal political disagreements and some publish the documents relating to different political positions and decisions on public forums. The CPI(ML) most certainly was not one of these.


littlemicky2012 - July 26, 2013
babeuf98 - July 15, 2013

Quick off the mark cde. 😉


3. Jim Monaghan - July 15, 2013

This lot of Maoists had a guru of their own Hardiel Bains. he also had a group in Canada.Wike entry here. As far as I know Bains founded them while he was a student in Trinity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardial_Bains
I have a vague memory of him defending his brother who was not a Marxist over something. I have to say having come across many varieties of leftists, I found the Maoists the most religious in approach and the most obscurantist and that is saying something.


Starkadder - July 15, 2013

“I have a vague memory of him defending his brother who was not a Marxist over something. I have to say having come across many varieties of leftists, I found the Maoists the most religious in approach and the most obscurantist and that is saying something.”

I have a very vague memory of
the CPI-ML journal criticising former member
Carole Reakes, but beyond that I couldn’t tell
you. I suspect the OP is right and the Maoists didn’t
keep internal documents.


Starkadder - July 15, 2013

EDIT: I think the anti-Reakes piece appeared in
the 1980s.

Maybe one of the former CPI-ML folk might agree to
do an interview about their time in the party?


WorldbyStorm - July 15, 2013

To be honest I’m not looking for party notes or such. The most interesting materials would be the Red Patriot’s from that period so that it would be possible to see if this dispute was indeed evident in the sort of language used by those writing articles. So if anyone has them that would be handy.


Jolly Red Giant - July 15, 2013

I was active in USI throughout this period when Doris, Graham, Stone, O’Cadhla were prominent and there was nothing about any internal disputes – ever – in Red Patriot. Like I said – they didn’t have disputes.

As regards Bains – to the best of my knowledge he worked in Trinity rather than being a student. He recruited a handful of students from wealthy backgrounds (one was a guy from the same small town as me in the west of Ireland – he became a pharmacist and ended up making a fortune from property speculation). Most of the people involved in the CPI(ML) ended up going back to their wealthy roots and becoming quite adept at making money.


WorldbyStorm - July 16, 2013

I remember Doris very well myself from the time though I wasn’t in the institution he was in.

But I’m curious how you square your certainty that there was never anything about CPI (M-L) internal disputes mentioned in Red Patriot when the above is a quote from Red Patriot about an internal dispute.

Moreover note that they reference articles purportedly put out by those who they saw as revisionists and the use of language in same re the PAYE tax marches etc. It’s that that I’d be interested in seeing, those earlier Red Patriots which they specifically mention using deviationist (from their perspective) ideas and language.


4. Starkadder - July 16, 2013

On a tangent, wonder what Tommy Graham now thinks of his time
in the CPI-ML?


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