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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… 12 or so tracks for Summer July 20, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

It’s that time of year again, a seasonal round up of tracks that have caught the ear over the past couple of months. Some old, some new, some good, some… well, read on..

1 Bis – Eurodisco

Something from those bastions of Scottish indie pop but a little different to their earlier output – sort of. It appeared as both an EP and on their social dancing album which was produced by one Andy Gill. All the way from 1998 it sounds like a precursor of electroclash. Kind of cool not leat at 2.10 minutes or thereabouts…

2 Wax Idols – Sound of A Void

There’s a lot of talk about Wax Idols – and in particular mainstay of the group Hether Fortune. But their stuff is genuinely good if you like music that can be triangulated between early New Wave, The Chameleons (Mark Burgess has co-produced their work) and more recent post-punk revivalism. Actually that’s a bloody huge territory. More on them again.

3 Black Swan Lane – Lie Still

Speaking of the Chameleons. Here’s Black Swan Lane, a US based outfit which has featured Mark Burgess, Andy Clegg and Andy with Whitaker and Jack Sobel and John Kolbeck plus an assortment of other musicians. It’s generally softer than the Chameleons, but this from an early album is good.

4 Black Strobe – The Girl from the Bayou

Black Strobe deserve a This Weekend all to themselves, as does main man Arnaud Rebotini Having dipped into electroclash, techno and trance they’ve an eclectic approach. But this single from slightly earlier in the year I think is one of the best things I’ve heard all year. And a very Bond title sequence like video. I hope they’re taking the piss with it.

5 Black Dog The Return Ov Bleep

They’ve a new album out which is excellent. But, they’ve also a four track EP of bleep. Presumably for old times sake.

6 Frank Muller – TGV

From German techno/dance producer, and one-time collaborator with Ulrich Schnauss, this is a solo piece from some years ago. Rarely has a track been so remixed by various contributors, but this version is just about perfect, not least the railway announcer’s voice at the start. TGV. Sure, it deliberately references a raft of influences, but when it does so so effortlessly…

7 Glis – Sunrise

This is ten years old this year and it always reminds me of Summer when I hear it. There’s a better remix version with a female vocal intoning various locations and times, but sadly it’s not up on YouTube

8 Deep Purple – Weirdistan

I’m surprised to find myself listening to the new Deep Purple album. I’m even more surprised to find myself liking it. this is a strangely prog-like track. Perhaps that’s Don Airey’s fault, seeing as he’s on keyboards. Perhaps.

9ish Black Sabbath – Hard Road

Mentioned Sabbath last week, and here’s something from back in the day. I’ve a fondness for this and It’s Allright – the latter sung by drummer Bill Ward – which are in a way a bit more Beatlesy than their usual output.

10 Deafheaven – Vertigo

is this the solution to a problem that does not exist, that being the lack of a serious effort to meld shoegaze, post rock and…erm…death metal? In small enough doses it works well. But… as has been said elsewhere, it begins to fracture around the vocals. Simply put there’s not enough light and shade. In a way it reminds me a bit of the problem presented by Fucked Up, the music is great, the vocals just begin to wear. And yet, chalk it up to an experiment.

11 Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Memory Lane

Australian’s channelling Roadrunner, Iggy and the pulsing beating heart of late 60s Garage with just an hint of Warsaw/Joy Division.

12 Primal Scream – Invisible City

Just ‘cos. From their most recent album. Love this track, particularly the way it can’t quite decide is it dance, krautrock, indie or some combination of all the above.


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