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Marooned! July 20, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, Science, Science Fiction.

Actually, what of this from a decade or so after that Men Into Space episode in the previous post. This was a US film that depicts a US rescue mission sent out to assist an Apollo craft that gets into trouble. From 1969 it had an all star cast. And, almost needless to say, who turns up, but the Soviets?

There’s some teeth-grinding sexism in the title caption as regards ‘The Astronauts Wives’. I wonder what Sally Ride et al would make of that.

There’s also Robert Altman’s film, Countdown, released a year earlier depicting the lunar programme and another Soviet angle. Sadly no trailer I can find for it.


1. Joachim Boaz - July 20, 2013

Have you seen the Altman film? I sort of want to see it despite its awful rating etc.


WorldbyStorm - July 20, 2013

I haven’t and I hadn’t realised until recently it was Altman who is good enough in himself to watch most of what he’s done (though it’s a long way from Countdown to The Player, let alone Gosford Park. 🙂 ).

Did you ever see Marooned? It must be twenty or thirty years since I did. It was no 2001 but it was okay.


Joachim Boaz - July 20, 2013

I saw it a few years back and all I can remember is ‘meh’. It was dull, visually interesting at times, but rather like an empty husk…. Emotionally empty etc.


WorldbyStorm - July 20, 2013

Characteristically late 1960s SF/science film so! I was impressed by the idea of the lifting body sent up because they couldn’t prep a Saturn V or whatever. But I was younger then and emotions weren’t high on my list of needs.


2. doctorfive - July 20, 2013

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