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Jonathan Sperber Podcast on Karl Marx July 28, 2013

Posted by Garibaldy in Books, History, Marxism.

Interesting podcast on the Guardian about Karl Marx with the historian Jonathan Sperber, author of the recent Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life. See here for a Guardian article by Sperber on Marx and here for a review essay of Sperber’s book by Marc Mulholland at the Dublin Review of Books.


1. workers republic - July 28, 2013

Sperber’s book is well worth reading and he makes many relevant points.
HoweverMarc Mullholand misses the whole point of the Manifesto and the goal of the IWMA; that was the overthrow of Capitalism, the abolishion of the Stock Exchange, international banking and the whole apparatus ofn Capitaliism. Institutions that have been a permanent feature g
thro “boom and bust”


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