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Public Meeting on ‘Radical Politics of The Late 1960s-70s’ September 12th in The Cobblestone July 30, 2013

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Many tanks to the sender who notes…

Following the contributions of each of the speakers, there will be a Q&A session. A number of Saor Eire veterans will be in attendance and hopefully will take part in the discussion. These include Frank Keane -Des Keane and Liam Sutcliffe.


1. John Wilson - July 30, 2013

Will we find out who shot Peter Graham?


workers republic - July 31, 2013

Indeed, but will we ever get a definate credible answer?
It’s like who shot Kevin O Higgons?
Outside of Socialists and Republicans who were active in the 70s, few people ever heard of Peter Gragham. It’ not likely to become amyth like ‘Who shot Mkchael Collins.’


John Wilson - July 31, 2013

Bit of a dumb response workers republic as the question has been asked recently by his family.

and its hardly like who shot kevin o’higgins as we know who shot him and why.

But you carry on there.


2. Mick - July 30, 2013

Here are some of Peter Graham’s old comrades in 1997 at a Liam Walsh commemoration.


3. Kitty Kroger - August 1, 2013

Hi, this sounds incredible. Wish I could attend but am living in Los Angeles, California, USA. and also I’ll be in Bologna at that time checking out worker owned and operated cooperatives.
However, check out my blog on “Voices from the Sixties and Seventies” at SixtiesAndSeventiesBlog.wordpress.com.


4. Kitty Kroger - August 1, 2013

Also I have a novel with backdrop of a Maoist group in the 70s in New Jersey, called Dancing with Mao and Miguel. Available on Amazon, etc. E-book or paperback. Very relevant, I think.


5. Mick - August 1, 2013

Kitty I wish you could attend the meeting because it will be fun as well
political with the two sharp witty speakers. Then the Q & A should be very good with a large number of 1960s Marxist Revolutionary people in the audience.In addition the Cobblestone bar is just a great place to have an event.

Kitty, a link to history of Saor Eire.



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