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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week August 18, 2013

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

The Sindo has a load of stories featuring Brian Cowen this week, ahead of his appearance before the inquiry into the clusterfuck handling of the current crisis. A choice quote below.

Daniel McConnell examines the relationship between Brians Cowen and Lenihan.

Cowen, instead of seeking counsel from his most senior minister, sought solace and advice from his tight-knit coterie of ‘Dail Bar’ cronies, who harboured animosity to the Cambridge-educated finance minister, ultimately calling on Cowen to sack him.

Lenihan, who had cancer, assumed the role of saving the country single-handedly, often against the wishes of his Taoiseach, while battling the terminal illness.

As the story notes further down, Lenihan wanted more savage cuts straight away, supported in this desire by Willie O’Dea. Austerity has of course been such a success worldwide. With saviours like these …


1. EWI - August 18, 2013

The “counsel” of the “Cambridge-educated” Lenihan worked out disasterously for the country, as is readily apparent. In the Potemkin world of the Sindo, however…


Ceannaire - August 19, 2013

Nor is that of “Oxford-educated” Bruton doing better.


sonofstan - August 19, 2013

Although later in the article, the same Cantab chap is described as being ‘out of his depth’ at the time of the bank guarantee.


RosencrantzisDead - August 19, 2013

Lenihan was an outstanding Minister for Finance, except for those times when he wasn’t.

But those times were only when he was making decisions regarding the country’s finances.

Apart from that, he was deadly – he was.


Gewerkschaftler - August 19, 2013



2. richotto - August 18, 2013

Totally disagree. Not all his calls were right but most were and we needed decisiveness more than ever before. He was the only politicion who seemed able to break the inertia in the system and prepared to take on vested interests who were living unfairly at the expense of the majority. Had he not broken the vicious circle of the budgetary crisis so we would be looking at a chaotic Greek style senario today. It is important to note that in the many media interviews he did even with the most stern of critics like Vincent Browne he was while under pressure never in any kind of difficulty, simply honest, forthcoming and convincing on the economic issues and devoid of the usual rhetorical trickery. On the issue of his health he was of course far less forthcoming but like with Chavez that was understandable.


Garibaldy - August 18, 2013

So you totally disagree that deciding to back the likes of Anglo has worked out disastrously then? That’s quite a statement.


Ciaran - August 18, 2013

“prepared to take on vested interests who were living unfairly at the expense of the majority”

With respect, this is like reading one of Stephen Collins’s Saturday pieces. If the above statement was remotely true, we wouldn’t have the august institution of NAMA, for one thing.


WorldbyStorm - August 18, 2013

The sense that richotto is an high functioning troll increases by the week. In the last week or two we’ve been treated to his/her view that social democracy must have a compact with capitalism, an explicit antagonism to feminism – arguing that it is more proscriptive than the conservatism that it replaced, and now Brian Lenihan painted as visionary and courageous.

Good stuff richotto. Keep it up. It’s only your time you’re wasting.


ivorthorne - August 18, 2013

In fairness to him, there are plenty of people with the views he is attempting to parody.

The old chestnut about how we would be like Greece were it not for the brave decisions (I.e. cutting services to the vulnerable while bailing out premier league stars) of FF, FG or Labour is used all the time.


EWI - August 18, 2013

vested interests who were living unfairly at the expense of the majority

It’ll be fun to hear who you believe the “vested interests…living unfairly” are. Poor old granny!

To paraphrase one Barack Obama, “please proceed, Richotto”.


Tawdy - August 18, 2013

Do you work for the sindo?


Tawdy - August 18, 2013

That was to ricky o`shea there.


3. Enya Rand - August 18, 2013

Utterly shameless rewriting of an absolute low-point of RoI governance. All part of the re-instatement of FF in the affections of the terminally confused, I guess.

Lenihan, together with the financial and owning class interests he represented, cooked up a cute-hoor ‘cunning scheme’ to guarantee all bank losses, and suck in deposits from the rest of Europe, and make ‘the Germans’ pay for their gambling losses.

It went completely wrong, as anyone with half a brain could have predicted, and the results were a catastrophe, not only for Ireland, but contributed significantly, in my view, to the disintegrating Europe we see today.

And playing the cancer card really sticks in my throat. I’m sorry, but it does. The man should have stepped down, and someone else might just have had the strength not to roll over to banking interests on that fateful night.

‘Cambridge-educated’. Cringeworthy cringing.

Now I think I’ll go and have a lie down.


Dr. X - August 19, 2013

“The man should have stepped down, ”

He should have stepped down for the sake of his family, and the fact that he did not is to his eternal discredit, and to the discredit of FF’s internal culture.


Enya Rand - August 19, 2013

Serendipity Dr. X.

I was just thinking today that I’ve known several people die of cancer, and what with the pain, the medication, the confrontation with the reality their own death, and the suffering of those around them, none of them could have been described as in a state to make complex decisions. Some of them made the wise decision to let their work life go.

It is a sign of the moral cowardice of Brian Cowen and the cabinet around them that they didn’t insist that Lenihan took a break.


workers republic - August 20, 2013

The buck stops with Cowan , it has been claimed that at a cabinet meeting ,Cowan banged the table and shouted that the banks must be bailed out (with characteristic expletive,I dare say).
The day before the unqualified bank guarantee, Lenihan told the British Chancellor of the Exchequer that there would be NO bank bail-out; after it, he told the Chancellor that Cowan made him do it
Lenihan was not an economist, he went to David Mc Williams for advice, I think he could not have to a worse person, he had been a cheer-leader of the ‘boom’ and the writing was clearly on the wall before he chainged his opinion.
Like Haughey before him, Cowan promoted ‘buddies’ irrespective of their ability,e.g. Lenihan senior.
Another of Cowan’s proteges, Mary Coughlan destroyed our sugar refining industry. Cowan is a typical gombeen politician, the result of clientist politics and F.F. kow-towing to bankers and speculative developers who financed the party,(Taca, Galway Tent etc.)


Jim Monaghan - August 20, 2013

Funnily I think the crook Haughey would have outstared the Troika and got a better deal. You bring down Ireland and I will bring down Wall St.


Dr. X - August 22, 2013

Haughey would have stared them down only if there had been a piece of the action in it for him.


eamonncork - August 22, 2013

Given his utter failure to extract any concessions whatsoever from the Thatcher government over the H Blocks, perhaps it’s time that this myth of Haughey as Tough Guy and Lovable Rogue was put to bed. He never outstared anyone, except perhaps a few backbenchers. He couldn’t even outstare Des O’Malley for God’s sake so he had to go into coalition with him.


eamonncork - August 22, 2013

Speaking to a psychiatrist friend of mine yesterday and he made a similar point to ER, the last thing someone with a terminal illness should be doing is making decisions of this sort, for both their own sake and the sake of those affected. I’m not sure, however, another FF Minister would have acted very differently. The paramount consideration at the time would have been the financial well being of the Galway Tent people who I’m sure were on the phone to Cowen at al non-stop in the days preceding this. I imagine the complete shambles which has resulted wasn’t foreseen and that the government of the day presumed things would get back to normal quickly enough and the Tiger would right itself and trundle onwards.
Not very good at accessing old files, but IIRC all the national newspapers and broadcasters hailed the decision at the time as an absolute masterstroke which made us the envy of Europe and secured the future for us and our children. I’d love to see some of those articles.


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5. A Friend - August 19, 2013

I meet Lenihan several times over the years, he was a clown.


6. A Friend - August 19, 2013



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