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The CLR Political Quiz …Number 45 August 23, 2013

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. What was unusual about the candidate line up on the ballot paper for the 1981 General Election in Wexford?

2. What Reality TV show was Fianna Fail Senator Mark Daly a contestant in?

3. Which former Minister now runs an Art Gallery in Florida?

4. Which current member of the Dail has been elected to office under the most labels (ie party/ independent) ?

5. What statue was on the Lawn of Leinster House and now resides in Sydney?

6. In September 1990, Shamrock Rovers tenure in the RDS began. Which Minister Met the teams pre match in the opening game v St Pats?

7.The Irish Socialist Network produces the paper ‘Resistance’, what was its previous periodical called ?
8. Former Fianna Fail TD John Fanning was a nephew of which former Fianna Fail TD ?
9. Which former member of the pop band ‘Six’ was elected in the 2009 Local Elections and for what party?

10. Who is this?

Answers to the CLR Political Quiz… Number 44
1. 11
2. 2
3. Paddy Harte
4. An Páirtí Daonlathach
5. 1989
6. 4 (Noonan, Cannon, Quinn, Rabbitte)
7. 3 (Environment, Foreign Affairs and Energy)
8. 3 (B O’Shea, M Upton and L McManus)
9. Patrick O’Donnell
10. Jim Fitzsimons


1. Tomboktu - August 23, 2013

Re the answer to question 6 from last week, Ciaran Cannon is eminently overlookable, but he did lead the PDs into abolition.


irishelectionliterature - August 23, 2013

Yes !!… forgot!


2. PaddyM - August 23, 2013

3. Martin Cullen
5. Queen Victoria
10. Fr Paddy Ryan


eamonncork - August 23, 2013

Isn’t there something wonderful about a quiz that can give you those three answers?


3. Tomboktu - August 23, 2013

1. Was it that the names were not in the correct alphabetical order?


4. eamonncork - August 23, 2013

1. Did Fianna Fail have two guys with the same name, Byrne or Browne, or something?


irishelectionliterature - August 23, 2013

not quite but you’re along the right track with FF


eamonncork - August 24, 2013

Incredible. They got 48% of the vote and one seat of four. That has to be a bad vote management record. Especially considering they were only a couple of seats short of winning that general election.


eamonncork - August 24, 2013

Actually there was five seats, so it wasn’t that.


Tomboktu - August 24, 2013

Well, Fianna Fáil filled the top four places on the ballot paper: Allen, L; Browne, J; Byrne, G; Byrne, H.


5. eamonncork - August 23, 2013

I think 6 is Anton La Vey, chief minister of the Church of Satan.


irishelectionliterature - August 23, 2013

No,….. does that church worship at the Altar of 4-5-1 like Trevor Croly?


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