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And while we’re talking about the Left Archive… August 26, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive, Irish Politics, The Left.

…Just a quick note to mention that we now have a little over 300 documents in the Archive. The Index is fully up to date.

It’s been on the go since this , or perhaps this.

As always many thanks to the people who have sent material in to it.

But in truth there’s still a pile of material yet to be added to it, and some fairly significant gaps.

For example, there is nothing there from the Red Republicans, a split from the IRSP in the 1970s. The Democratic Socialist Party is represented only one or two documents. Jim Kemmy’s Limerick Socialists not at all (though the newspaper of the LS outfit is available online from Limerick City Library, as noted on the CLR back in April). While we have one Spartacist Ireland document dating from 2002, what of their incarnations prior to that time? More from DCTU would be good. More from the IWG? Why not? Did the League of Communist Republicans only issue one document and what of the Republican Workers Tendency? There’s nothing from éirígí as of yet – again any printed docs gratefully accepted. And so on.

And if people can point out any groups that should be represented which are missing that would be great.

So any further materials gratefully accepted. Just email us at the email in the right hand column if you think something you have might be appropriate. Six years later and a raft of formations, parties and groups later what’s remarkable is the sheer volume of materials output. And a lot more out there yet.


1. John Goodwillie - August 26, 2013

The Red Republicans were actually a split from People’s Democracy.


Michael Carley - August 26, 2013

Has anyone ever produced a (three dimensional?) family tree of the Irish left? It might need to be A0, mind.


Gavin Mendel-Gleason - August 26, 2013


Gewerkschaftler - August 26, 2013

A0? Only in a teensy-weensy font!


WorldbyStorm - August 26, 2013

That’s John’s work unless I’m much mistaken. It’s a great doc. But it ends as 83. Needs an update to cover the next… gulp… 30 years.


LeftAtTheCross - August 26, 2013

No better man to do it than the Left Archivist 🙂


Michael Carley - August 26, 2013

Right, we’re hiring a big feckin’ billboard and we’re writing it out by hand in 6 point. Nobody’s allowed a split until we’re finished.


Gewerkschaftler - August 27, 2013

“Nobody’s allowed a split until we’re finished.”

Take your time. Please. 🙂


2. Jim Monaghan - August 27, 2013

You mean stop writing things until we catch up. Mind you those who regard Marx, Engels, Lenin and whatever line of succession you are in to, as Holy writ, there is no need to post anything new.


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