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Philip Chevron testimonial August 26, 2013

Posted by Tomboktu in Music, Other Stuff.

[The following is from a text message I sent today, that WbS asked me to post.]

I was at the Testimonial for Philip Chevron on Saturday night in the Olympia. He came on stage and looks very ill. Great gig. Each singer did two songs; one of their one and one of his, except Shane McGowan. Mary Coughlan pissed me off, as she hadn’t bothered to learn the lyrics off the song. It ended with three sets: Radiators, Horslips, and both together. Aidan Gillen was MC. He clarified something I’d wondered about. Song of the Faithful Departed on the album is slightly faster than the single version (which I’d heard on Dave Fanning’s show at the time).



[Roddy Doyle read a piece, a dialogue between two characters (Added on 30 August 2013: The script I posted is now replaced with the version posted on the Radiotors website.)]

-D’yeh remember Kitty Ricketts?
-I fuckin’ married her.
-The song.
-The song, the attitude, the whole fuckin’ shebang.
-The song – stop messin,. Yeh know what I fuckin’ mean.
-I do, yeah.
-You remember it.
-It was brilliant, wasn’t it?
-Yeah – brilliant. There were great songs back then.
-Great gigs as well.
-Yeah, yeah. The Blades, The Attrix.
-The Radiators from Space.
-Songs about Dublin.
-Made us proud, didn’t it?
-Still does.
-The fella tha’ wrote tha’ one, Kitty Ricketts.
-Philip Chevron – yeah.
-There’s a testimonial for him tonigh’.
-In the Olympia.
-Football in the Olympia? Fuckin’ brilliant. The Radiators from Space versus A Republic of Ireland Eleven – from space.
-Niall Quinn up in the gods.
-His natural fuckin’ habitat.
-Eamonn Dunphy on drums.
-Tha’ makes sense.
-Philip Chevron on the left wing.
-With his mazy runs an’ silky skills. Slashin’ at his opponents’ shins with his guitar.
-He isn’t well.
-Yeh know wha’ tha’ means – ‘isn’t well’? For men our age, like.
-I do – yeah.
-Chevron, but. What sort of a name is tha’?
-It’s Irish. He dropped the O.
-Exactly. It means son of the unfortunate fucker who couldn’t get the odds together to emigrate.
-Here, look it. We don’t normally do this. But we’ll lift the glass for Philip, will we?
-No – we won’t.
-Why not?
-Cos punks don’t do tha’ shite.



1. TBFrank - August 27, 2013

Nice one… Thanks


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