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Beyond er… belief September 13, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Crazed nonsense....

This (journalist is jailed for two hours for refusal to pay parking fines) + This (an article in response to the jailing, which name checks one Vaclav Havel with not the slightest hint of self-consciousness – and raises the thought that Havel is surely more sinned against than sinning given the way his legacy is thrown around by all and sundry) = This (due to entertained/appalled/amused response to first article):

To write for a screen, in the sense of writing for online consumption, is entirely different. Whereas you can whisper or scream on to a page, you can only yell towards a screen. Because everything written specifically for online consumption is written in the expectation of addressing a hostile community, the writing process demands, as a prerequisite, either a defensive or antagonistic demeanour.

Steady on there, John.

Lots of places online where that generalisation is proven demonstrably wrong.

Mind you, when discussing overheated rhetoric one need only return to the Independent report on the jailing to find this:

Mr Waters has previously described Dun Laoghaire’s parking policy as akin to “tyranny”.
Supporters of Mr Waters complained about Dun Laoghaire’s parking regime. “This town has been crucified,” said supporter Anne Joyce.

Tyranny? Crucifixion? Whatever next?


1. EWI - September 14, 2013

Poor John, laughed off the Internet.

He’s not crazy, really, he isn’t…


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