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Does Ireland need a new left party? Left Forum debate this Saturday October 31, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

This is a reminder that we have debate and meeting on Saturday the 2nd of November starting at 10.30. Come for part or all of the day. Hope to see you there!

The schedule is as follows:

10:30 Registration
10:45 Panel of speakers representing diverse points of view on this question
Chair: Alan Myler (WP)
Speakers: Gavin Mendel-Gleason (LF), Eoin O Broin (SF), Paul Murphy (SP), Cian O Callaghan (I), John Lowry (WP), Joan Collins (UL), Tom Redmond (CPI), Seamus Healy (WUA), Mark Hoskins (WSM), Richard Boyd Barrett (SWP)
12:00 Q & A / points of view from the floor / indicative vote
1:15 Lunch
2:30 World cafe discussion groups
3:30 Plenary
Chair: Helena Sheehan (LF)
5:00 Conclusion
To be televised by DCTV

Gavin Mendel-Gleason
Left Forum


1. Helena Sheehan - October 31, 2013

The theme of the debate is: Does Ireland need a new left party?


EamonnCork - October 31, 2013

What do you think yourself Helena? I’d be interested to know. Though actually I suppose you have to maintain a scrupulous public neutrality as Chair. It should be an interesting debate though you’d wonder if parties as opposed to broad based campaigns might be beside the point at this stage of the game.


workers republic - November 1, 2013

It’s a bit like the old joke about a tourist asking a local for directions and being told “if I was you I wouldn’t start from here”.
Do we need a new Left party! We have every shade of Left and pseudo-Left opinion represented. We have Connolly Socialists, Leninists ,Anarchists, “Stalinists”, Trotskyists (of many factions),Walkerists and power-hunger populists.
However, if we are allowed by the chair, we could discuss what are the real, relevant questions that need to be asked! I hope we can start on that.
In solidarity.


Gavin Mendel-Gleason - November 1, 2013

As someone pointed out, the problem might be rephrased, do we have too many Left parties.


CMK - November 2, 2013

Does it really matter that we have so many Left parties? Surely what matters most is that we have, or at least try to create or build towards, a politicised working class. Once we have the latter, then the party question acquires real meaning. At the moment, in the absence of such mass politicisation! the best the Left parties can do is not to get in each other’s way.


2. rockroots - November 1, 2013

Would love to attend this but can’t. How much of it will be televised, is it just the conclusion?


Bob Smiles - November 1, 2013

Would any of these groups step back and say, look we have made a balls of it?


CMK - November 2, 2013

A balls of what?


Bob Smiles - November 2, 2013

The biggest crisis in capitalism for 70 years


que - November 2, 2013


Are you asking parties with micro levels of support who have failed to make headway in year 6 of the crisis should say that something is going wrong.

Fie sir, next year a handful of councillors will be elected, a euro seat lost and all this in the midst of continuing crisis and the lead ‘social democratic’ entity deciding to blow itself up but it will still likely be hailed as a triumph.

We all know this is likely to happen and odds are the conversation in the Left Forum will be the same as might have been had in 1985, 95, 2005 or 2012 but without having such a forum where people can sit together and talk and give opportunity to realise running hard on a treadmill only makes you tired rather than getting you somewhere then its not going to change.

But at least they are sitting down and talking and the forum deserves great credit for that and this is whats needed to at least have people realise the dead end being pursued.

Many of the people there may have been at the ULA meetings at the start. Couple years later there going to hear the same talk. Maybe in 3 years time the same again.

You want parties to be faced with their failures then forums like this will do it.


3. Johnny Forty-Coats - November 2, 2013

I think I’d prefer to have a tooth extracted without an anaesthetic than have to sit through such an event.

The answer to the question is obvious. But of the groups listed to speak, only Sinn Féin has any popular following. Their appeal is limited, and they arouse as much antagonism as enthusaism, but it is a real following all the same and I can’t visualise a left government without their participation – preferably as the minority component.

When – no, “if” – a credible left-wing party emerges, it won’t arise from an alliance of feuding sects, but from a coming together of local informal groups – groups formed around independent left TDs and councillors for the most part. Admittedly, several of these will be refugees from the sects – and they may be all the better for having witnessed the effects of ideological dogmatism at first hand.


Mark P - November 2, 2013

Just a small taste of the whining to come today from some quarters.


RosencrantzisDead - November 2, 2013

Again, the talk is not a cover for a ‘unite the left parties’ project. There are, to the best of my knowledge, no plans to try ULA 2.0.

groups formed around independent left TDs and councillors for the most part. Admittedly, several of these will be refugees from the sects

You are describing the profile of a lot of the members of the Left Forum.


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