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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Barry McCormack November 2, 2013

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

A very welcome guest post from my friend Jack…..

It’s been 18 years since Barry McCormack played an impromptu solo on the second single, “twenty two years” of his brothers band, Dublin lo fi merchants™, Jubilee Allstars. Immediately joining the band he went on to record two further studio albums before deciding to call it a day and embark on his solo career.
Five well received albums later, with comparisons ranging from Bob Dylan, Shane McGowan, Brendan Behan through to Leonard Cohen, Barry releases his latest set of odes to his city Dublin, with the album Cut Throat Lane.

Named after an old long since renamed street of Dublin that used lie next to the old Murdering Lane, Cut Throat Lane comprises some of McCormacks most mature work to date, ably backed once again by Joss Moorkens, Michael Murphy, John Hegarty and Gary Fitzpatrick.

I like the familiarity you get with the characters in Barry’s songs, lines like “I seem to be down to my last pair of socks,” and “Mulrooney was on the couch in his dressing gown and his jocks,” are sentiments we can all relate to.
On Barry’s albums there’s usually the one or two songs that stand out above the rest, the ones with the catchier hook or the more rousing chorus. That’s not the case on this album the set of songs stands together so well. As always Barry finishes his album with a gem, this time with “The sticky floors of you heart” containing the lyric “They’re dancing rings across the sticky floors of your heart”
A lyric which like one of my favourites from Wilco “The ashtray says, you’ve been up all night” conveys so much meaning and feeling in just a few short words.
Sit back and enjoy.

Barry McCormacks Website


1. 6to5against - November 2, 2013

Great choice. As an aside, i believe McCormack runs a publishing company, Hags Head, with his wife that puts out his own music as well as her books. And they also offer an interesting co-publishing deal to writers that allows them the benefits of controlling their own work while also having access to markets, distribution etc.


2. irishelectionliterature - November 2, 2013

He’s good alright, Been listening to him for a while and the latest album is excellent and having a full band really suits the songs.


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