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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… The Revenants November 16, 2013

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Was searching through CD’s and found The two albums by The Revenants. ‘Horse of a Different Colour’ and ‘Septober Nowonder’. I hadn’t listened to them for a long time and they really brought me back to that time when they emerged in the early 90’s in Dublin. Their brilliant gigs in Whelans and that wonderful satisfaction that comes from bringing people along to gigs to bands they’d never heard and them loving it. They featured Stephen Ryan formerly of The Stars of Heaven and like the wonderful Sewing Room produced some great music that had some echoes of the Stars of Heaven. Of course they were great bands in their own right too.
Since The Revenants Stephen Ryan was involved with a group The Dinah Brand (I’m not sure if they are still going)
Of ‘Horse of a Different Colour’ the record company site had the following

The album was recorded on an 8 track machine with producer/engineer Chris O’Brien. “I think we would have lost a lot of the performances by dissecting them and spending , say 10 days getting the drum tracks done.” “Most of the songs are love songs of one kind of another” reflects Stephen with the benefit of hindsight. “They were written out of a necessity rather then sitting down and calculatingly writing a song”. The songs are populated by ordinary people battling with daily existence in an everyday manner, the delicate melodies set against Stephen’s fragile voice.

Indeed the albums liberal sprinkling of alcohol related songs “The drinking side of me”, “Let’s get falling down drunk” were proved to have been written in the first person when on a number of Irish dates the bands guitarist Doug was unable to stay vertical throughout the gig and during the first song of the set “Let’s get falling down” preceded to do exactly that and indeed stayed on the floor for the rest of the show. Also guesting on the album is vocalist Eileen Gogan who sings on two tracks “Capercailye” and “Wiliam Byrd”. Eileen was formerly singer with other Peel favourites
The Revenants on this album were;
Stephen Ryan – Guitar, Vocals
Doug Steen – Guitar
Jeremy Irvin – Bass
Chris Heaney – Drums
Don Ryan – Keyboards

Of ‘Septober Nowonder’ (released in 1999) their website wrote….

Septober Nowonder was recorded in three counties and over about the same number of years, if we include the two Kevin Shirley recorded tunes that were done in February 95 at Totally Wired in Dublin. Basic tracks on the remainder of the songs were done in Bow Lane, and from then on the band and their slim recording equipment meandered between a farm in Kilbride, Co Wicklow (electric fence clearly audible on a couple of the fade-outs), a horse farm in Rathcoole (no whinnying
audible as far as we know) and a couple of flats in Dublin. This process involved bursts of enthusiasm and activity, and a few directionless months where the momentum kind of slackened off. Not having a big money clock on the wall works both ways … If you plan to do this thing yourself, make sure that you are hiring at least one vital piece of equipment – it’ll focus you for sure.

The Revenants hold you all in the greatest esteem and hope you enjoy the
record …

The Revenants on this album were;
Stephen Ryan – Guitar, Vocals
Connor Brady – Guitar
Jeremy Irvin – Bass
Chris Heaney – Drums
Don Ryan – Keyboards



1. WorldbyStorm - November 16, 2013

This brings me back. Great tracks.


2. sonofstan - November 17, 2013

Dinah Brand still going and playing local to you, WBS, quite soon – at the Annesley House to be exact, Dec 6th.


3. crocodile - November 17, 2013

The Blades were on the Late Late on Friday night. About 20 minutes from the end, if you want to spare yourself Cliff Richard and an item on teddy bears which was very embarrassing indeed.


irishelectionliterature - November 17, 2013

Saw them and am really looking forward to the gigs in December.


4. Fanning Sessions - August 27, 2014

Aidan Gillen played a great track ‘4th Floor’ by Stephen Ryan’s new band The Drays on Newstalk last week, Check it out on playback here http://t.co/JD0eG8s1h4 (16mins in)


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