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A question on Irish Trade Unions and internationalism November 28, 2013

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Economy, Irish Politics, The Left, Unions.

Here’s an email asking some useful questions which people may have answers to.

I’m currently writing a paper on Irish trade unions and the role of internationalism within the movement. As far as I can see, the first organisation that ICTU joined was the ETUC. However, I’m having difficulty finding information on other unions. I’m particulary interested in SIPTU (ITGWU & FWUI), the ATGWU (Unite) and the TEEU.

Do you know of any publications that might deal with such themes?

I appreciate any help whatsoever.

If you have any suggestions please use comments below or email them at irishinternationalism@gmail.com


1. CL - November 28, 2013

Perhaps eventually new policies as well as new parties will begin to emerge.


2. PhilF - November 28, 2013

About four years ago I did an interview of Tommy McKearney for a NZ left paper. I’ve finally put it up on a blog that I’m involved in. It covers the founding and development of the Independent Workers Union, the Provos and the ‘peace’ process, and a bit more. It can be read at:



3. santoshwebseo - February 7, 2014

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