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The CLR Political Quiz ……….. Number 58 November 29, 2013

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. What year was Young Fine Gael founded?
2. The SEA stood in a number of Northen Irish Elections what did SEA stand for?
3. What South Dublin County Council Park is named after a former TD?
4. Who was the lowest polling Independent candidate in the 2009 Local Elections (County or City Councils) ?
5. Did any of these Parties ever field candidates in Local, European or General Elections The Independent Socialist Party, Priorities Party or Amhran Nua ?
6. What Ministerial office have Nora Owen , Padraig Flynn and Charles Haughey all held?
7. What former Taoiseachs wife was on the same Fine Gael Ticket as Michael McDowell in the 1979 Local Elections?
8. In the 2009 Local Elections what candidate had the slogan “Out, Proud and Independent” ?
9. Was there a Democratic Left ‘Youth wing’ ?
10. Who is this?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz ……….. Number 57
1. Presidential and referendums
2. 30% have to be female for public funding to be fully maintained
3. Kevin Fennelly
4. Dublin West in 1996 won by Brian Lenihan jnr
5. By a euro
6. 1990 (after the Robinson presidential election victory)
7. Foreign Affairs
8. Sean Walsh
9. Eoin O’Coiglig
10. Willie Penrose


1. LeftAtTheCross - November 29, 2013

2. Socialist Environmental Alliance
10. Mary Hanafin


2. Tomboktu - November 29, 2013

3: Sean Walsh (not the same one as question 8 last week!)

6: Justice

7: John Bruton’s future wife

10: Mary Hanafin


3. dilettante - November 30, 2013

1. It was FitzGeralds time. 1980?

2. Was the SEA ever anything more than Eamon McCann?

5. If you put the question like that then probably not 🙂

6. Justice?

9. There was an “Irish Democratic Youth Movement” linked to the WP. It turned into WP youth (presumably greater control by the WP leadership). I doubt it survived through to the DL.


irishelectionliterature - November 30, 2013

The SEA did put forward a number of different candidates in Local Elections.


4. theraggedwagon - November 30, 2013

8. Gay Mitchell


Tomboktu - November 30, 2013



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