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The CLR Political Quiz ….. Number 59 December 13, 2013

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1. In the 1972 Referendum to join the EEC were Aontacht Eireann calling for a Yes or for a No vote?
2. Who are the only parent and child to have sat in the Dail together representing the same constituency?
3. In the 1970’s the VUPP stood in various Northern Irish Elections, what do the initials VUPP stand for ?
4. How many TDs have been MEPs?
5. How many TDS have contested European Elections but never won a European Parliament seat?
6. In the 1989 General Election, which two sisters ran for the PD’s?
7. What Party had the Slogan “Family, Community, Nation” ?
8. Whats the connection between ‘Game Of Thrones’ and ‘The Just Society’?
9. Who are only brother and sister to ever serve together on Dublin City Council?
10. Who is this?

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz ….. Number 58
1. 1977
2. Socialist Environmental Alliance
3. Sean Walsh
4. Errol Farrell 19 votes in Mullingar East
5. No
6. Justice
7. John Bruton’s future wife Finola Gill
8. Liz Connell
9. No
10. Mary Hanafin


1. Brian Hanley - December 13, 2013

(8) Their both fantasies


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