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Saturday’s radio — two items December 29, 2013

Posted by Tomboktu in Bits and Pieces, Britain, Human Rights.

I had the radio on this afternoon when the BBC broadcast a repeat of an interview with Cressida Dick, Assistant Commissioner with the Metropolitan Police in London. You can hear the 17-minute interview here.

She was the “Gold command” officer in charge of operations when Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead by police on 22 July 2005. She has since been promoted, three times. As the BBC notes at the start of the intereview, she was cleared of all blame.

In the evening, I had switched station to Lyric FM, and had Blue of the Night on. Among the songs played was ‘Hollow Point’ by Chris Wood.


1. CL - December 29, 2013

“Bratton was in charge of the NYPD in 1995, when two officers shot and killed Rosario’s 18-year-old son, Anthony, and her nephew Hilton Vega in a Bronx apartment.

A forensic pathologist hired by Rosario determined that the two young men were shot multiple times in the back, while lying face down on the floor. But Bratton never arrested the officers, and never ordered an investigation.”

Bratton, a Commander of the British Empire, has been an adviser to Prime Minister Campbell and is about to become Police Commissioner in NYC.


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