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Sunday Independent Goodwill Towards All December 29, 2013

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Given the season that is in it, I thought it worth sharing Emer O’Kelly‘s reasons as to why we should give up on all that left/right ideological nonsense, and instead embrace a world built on ethical behaviour, ethics being, of course, “universal and ageless”.

Because ethics is merely another word for morality. And, a market economy is not necessarily immoral. And to define the market economy as unethical/immoral is to take a politically ideological stand. Once we do that, we cut ourselves off from influencing half the world. Because to be politically opposed to the market economy is confusing politics with morality. And over the long, weary and destructive years of the cold war, we saw how far right-left ideological clashes got us: into a stalemate of mistrust.

So there you are. Forget the politics, and all will be well this and every other Christmas.


1. Gerard Murphy (@gfmurphy101) - December 29, 2013

” And, a market economy is not necessarily immoral”……… says who? Even the Pope is questioning that assumption!


2. CL - December 29, 2013

‘ a market economy is not necessarily immoral.’-but then she continues- “an ethical consciousness”… means an education system based on thought and reason, not on social engineering to feed the needs of the economy.’
She conflates ethics and morality; so she is unable to see that a market economy is necessarily amoral.
Market fundamentalism should be opposed because it is destructive to society.


3. theworkingclassheroesblog - December 29, 2013

Reblogged this on The Working Class Heroes.


4. Firbolg - December 29, 2013

Pope is not a helpful quote in this case. Unlike the rest of us O’Kelly has not worked through her issues with the R C Church and has been banging on about her boring hang-ups in the Sindo every other week for what feels like an eternity.


5. Brian Hanley - December 29, 2013

‘You are a prick’: Ronan Keating to Barry Egan apparently. For once I think Keating is spot on.


6. CL - December 30, 2013

Arthur Griffith, some of whose best friends were Jewish, edited The United Irishman which “was never far from controversy, most notably when it published several pieces which seemingly supported a boycott against Jewish businesses in Limerick. The problems stemmed from a sermon given by a Fr Creagh who condemned Jewish businessmen as money lenders and usurers. Griffith seemingly supported the stance in the United Irishman writing that “The Jew in Ireland is in every respect an economic evil” and “are, nine tenths of them, usurers and parasites”.



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