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More on welfare January 4, 2014

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Richard has an important post today on the ‘welcome news’ for Joan Burton and an Ireland ‘happy to embrace a new culture of grassing on their neighbours’. Yes the fantasy world of reports received and estimated control savings.

The alleged rise in civic duty is but a reflection of our compliant press, if only they were as critical. In addition to Richard’s post, below is chart mapping mentions of “welfare fraud” in the Irish Times since the year 2000.


This is without context of course but rarely are the words uttered in benign circumstances, negligible across twelve years in Tara Street. Things were stable enough during the good times, Bertie kept us honest. The sudden outbreak of scams and laziness only really kicked in when the exchequer found Sean Fitzpatrick hiding in the attic.

I don’t have proper figures for the rest of Joan Burton’s tenure but the trend is 2010 & 2011 catching up with the entire ten years previous.

There was one jump there in 2004, a mysterious spike in May and June before stopping dead once the Citizenship Referendum had passed. For every other year just check when the budget was and count backwards. 


1. steve white - January 4, 2014

and this story via the herald ‘Civil servant faked letter from social welfare recipient after suspicions’ shar.es/9p3AP

maybe the irish times is only reflecting reality, last paragraph of richard piece, we need to see rise if there’s a rise incorrect reports


doctorfive - January 4, 2014

If the reality is ten times fraudier from 2005 & 2011 I’m not so sure but as you know, the figures and details of this or Richard post hardly matter once the bogeyman is maintained on the mouths of ministers.


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