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This Weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Some albums from 2013 January 4, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Seeing The Lumineers folk schtick while briefly tuning into, or is that turning over, to Jools Hollands curious New Year’s Hootenanny (which is perhaps given IIRC that it isn’t staged on NYE makes it surely one of the oddest constructs on television), the thought struck me ‘raze their village, salt the earth’. But let’s not focus on that ugliness, for 2013 did bring some good stuff.

Here are some albums, not the ‘best’ but ones that I think may stay with me for a long time. TOY is a late entry, it was a toss up between Kilbey and the Martin Kennedy and Kilbey joint project, Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ was almost there. Boards of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest which grew on me slowly, Nik Turner and Dawn of Midi likewise. And I could have thrown in Robyn Hitchcock’s Love From London just cause, though it could have as easily been Neon Neon or perhaps at a stretch Wolf People or Jon Hopkins.

What wouldn’t I have thrown in? VNV Nation’s latest, Primal Scream, New Order’s almost entirely irrelevant Lost Sirens. And that’s just for starters.

Again, interested to know what others thought were great albums of the year.

Wax Idols – Discipline & Desire – When It Happens

Reworking post-punk tropes for the 2010s.

The Black Dog – Tranklements – Cult Mentality

Another in a continuing sequence of albums that suggest Black Dog’s work in the 2000s and 2010s is easily the equal of that from the 1990s. This may be my most revisited album of the year.

Steve Wilson – The Raven that Refused to Sing – Luminol

Prog-rock and good with it. Shades of a lot of influences in there.

TOY – Join The Dots – Join The Dots

Just out last month, but the title track alone is a revelation. And overall the album attempts to balance equal love for krautrock and the Byrds.

Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters – Tomorrow is Another Day – Additional Ghosts

Better by far than Schnauss’s solo album of this same year.

Deep Purple – Now What?! – Weirdistan

Er… yes. What of it? I admit this is shameless nostalgia, not least for the sound of Don Airey’s keyboards which rework Jon Lord’s sound without being a simple emulation.

Function – Incumbation – Voiceprint

Electronica from Dave Sumner, producer, musician, member of the Sandwell Collective (which appears on/off again at regular intervals).

Heliotropes – A Constant Sea – Ribbons

Still coming back to their blend of alternative/stoner/psychedelic rock.

Steve Kilbey – The Idyllist – Zara Thustra

A man as prolific as Kilbey hardly has time to release a solo album, but somehow he does.

Monster Magnet – Last Patrol – Last Patrol

Best album in years, or at least since 2007. But with an oddly elegiac tone to it, and that’s not just due to its title.

Jupiter Lion – Silver Mouth – Silver Constellation

And it’s interesting to see yet another group, this time Spain’s Jupiter Lion, take a go at krautrock/motorik. That they succeed better than there might be any reasonable expectation of them doing is due to a lot more than sheer persistence.


1. DJ John Spart - January 4, 2014

Not bad WBS. I need to check some of them out. Function’s album was one of my favourite techno LPs too alongside his contribution to Sandwell District’s ‘Fabric 69’ (shame about the inclusion of Boyd Rice).

Other albums that got a lot of airplay at Jimstown’s Casa Robertson last year were My Bloody Valentine’s ‘MBV’, Vatican Shadow’s ‘Remember Your Black Day’, Atom TM’s ‘HD’ (including punkish anthem ‘Stop (Imperialist Pop)’ – I can hear the Left Forum’s burnt out Bernsteinites sneering), Jon Hopkin’s ‘Immunity’, Daniel Avery’s ‘Drone Logic’, Mano Le Tough’s ‘Changing Days’, Traversable Wormhole’s ‘Volume 6-10’, Donato Dozzy’s ‘Plays Bee Mask’ and Tropic of Cancer’s ‘Restless Idyliss’. Tropic of Cancer and Function, with DVA Damas and Helena Hauff (she will achieve big things in 2014), at Corsica Studios in London was my favourite gig of the year.

The following were my favourite tracks of 2013. Honourable mentions to Mano Le Tough – ‘Primative People’ (Tale of Us Remix), Xhin – ‘Projection’, Pew & Kowton – ‘Raw Code’, Daniel Avery’s ‘All I Need’, Alden Tyrell & Gerd – ‘Luv Thang’ and Factory Aire – B.O.Y. (Atom TM Remix).

#10 – Container – Treatment [Morphine Records]

#9 – Pete Swanson – Punk Authority [White Label]

#8 – The Black Dog – Cracked [Dust Science Recordings]

# 7 – My Bloody Valentine – Only Tomorrow [Self-Released]

# 6 – James Holden – The Illuminations 12″ Version [Border Community]

# 5 – Atom TM – Ich Bin Meine Maschine [Raster Noton]

#4 – HTRK – Poison (Mika Vainio Remix) [Ghostly International]

#3 – Kangding Ray – Tempered Inmid [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

#2 – Rrose – Waterfall (Birth) [EAUX]

#1 – Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal [Domino]


WorldbyStorm - January 4, 2014

This is great, I’d really like to post it up as a post in it’s own right. A lot of stuff there to listen to, I’d forgotten I heard the Rrose track earlier in the year and Shepherd’s Brine from last year is still a firm favourite.

Just on the Boyd Rice point Black Dog raised that issue too and +1 and it’s odd but a not dissimilar issue faces me with Ladytron who did a cover of Death in June’s cover of a Jim Jones track. Apparently one of Ladytron is a big fan of DiJ. And granted it’s a cover of a cover and there’s no reference to DiJ but it leaves a bad taste.


WorldbyStorm - January 4, 2014

BTW I’ve individual tracks tomorrow. Some old some new but all stuff I liked in 2013.


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