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Sunday Independent Miracle Statement of the week January 5, 2014

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

I hope Thomas Molloy doesn’t run into any of of the maniac columnists at the Sindo down a back ally after this remark.

Perhaps this is why the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development concluded in a lengthy report some years ago that so far “private health insurance has had only a minimal impact on the quality of care” in most countries.

As individuals, it may be pleasant to skip the queue and get three-course meals while in hospital, but the reality is private health insurance often does little more than push up prices in both sectors rather than improve the quality of service.

Exploding heads at Sindo HQ no doubt.

Normal service back next week no doubt.


1. CMK - January 5, 2014

Surprisingly sensible. He just didn’t take the next, only, logical step which was to call for publicly funded health care free at the point of delivery to all. Nevermind, all in all it was a good column and any thinking person reading it would surely be asking the question if private healthcare adds very little, then why do we have it at all? Colum Kenny’s cri de couer about the cost of private healthcare was good too, for it’s entertainment value, like. He starts from the premise that middle class professionals, obviously, have to be able to fund their ability to jump the queue through private health insurance provision. I mean we can leave, obviously, the proles to die on waiting lists but it’s an abomination that a barrister AND academic is struggling to pay his VHI and might not be able to afford it. It’s worse
than poverty in the Third World, far worse. All the fault of the unions, no doubt. Or the Provos. Or even the Provo-Trots.


2. 6to5against - January 5, 2014

I note that, in the first page story about the RDS bash for RA, Eddie Molloy is described as a public sector ‘expert’.

It doesn’t mention anywhere where he gained his expertise and nor has it ever been established elsewhere that I have noticed.

Its just true.


CL - January 5, 2014

Is this the Eddie referred to? He’s ‘recognized as a thought leader’ (and has no ideology)

“Over the last thirty years, Eddie has gained an unrivalled reputation for helping both indigenous and multi-national companies develop and execute their change and growth strategies. His is widely recognised as a thought leader with a record of success in the areas of strategy, structure, change and innovation.”


3. Bob Smiles - January 6, 2014

Gene Kerrigan excellent as always


CL - January 6, 2014

There are some problems in dystopian, neoliberal Ireland as Kerrigan makes clear, so its all the more imperative that people think positively if flourishing is to return. And remember Ireland is not as cold as Mars.


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