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Military Service Pension Archive January 16, 2014

Posted by Oireachtas Retort in Uncategorized.

Is now online.

Of course we are all pacifists now but it will be interesting to see what people dig up. The picture above (Pro-Treaty) is not to suggest anything though John B.Keane’s series ‘Letters of a successful TD, Minister’ etc has quite a bit devoted arranging annuity for constituents with all sort of fantastical IRA claims. The TD himself trading on credentials of a fabricated encounter with the Tans at the ‘battle of Glanalee’.

Plenty of digging to do.


1. Dr.Nightdub - January 17, 2014

A facinating resource and what was released today is only the tip of a very large iceberg. Spent about three hours on it earlier and discovered, among other things, that my granda became a Brigade O/C about three months earlier than I thought he had – just a few months after he’d turned 20.


EWI - January 17, 2014

It’s a good antidote to the ongoing attempts at “Great War” revisionism.


2. Joe - January 17, 2014

“Of course we are all pacifists now…”

I’m not.


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