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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… just stuff I’m listening to at the moment February 1, 2014

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Here’s a bunch of tracks I’ve found myself listening to over the past month or so.

Kissing on You – Honeyblood

I already mentioned the A-side to this from Scottish outfit Honeyblood and at the time noted that the brilliant B-side wasn’t up on YouTube. Now it is. And it remains brilliant.

Kiss Tried to Kill Me – Black Spiders

English stoner rock with a sense of humour. Their second album out last year could have done with more of it.

Is This the Life? – Cardiacs

This is from as far back as 1988, the incomparable Cardiacs. This I like because it’s so unlike their usual output, bar a couple of bars towards the end, it’s like they go stadium goth/post punk for five minutes, Fields of the Nephilim jamming with U2 and the Chameleons with extra guitars from the Cult. And no harm there either. BTW, having watched it on DVD I can’t over recommend the live show it is also played during.

Molten Gold – The Chills

The Chills released one song this last year. They promise more in 2014. Thankfully the one song was a sort of classic.

Almost There – John Foxx and Belbury Poly

This is EamonnCork’s fault, since he has valiantly flown the flag for hauntology across the last year or so and here’s a sample from from Foxx and the ubiquitous Belbury Poly, prime exponents of the form. And very excellent it is too.

Andro Queen – Pixies

Perhaps their most un-Pixies track ever, and yet, and yet…

Dark Days – Public Transport

Public Transport – or rather he – is an avowed fan of Ulrich Schnauss, BOC and Aphex Twin, and here from an EP released late last year is evidence of same, but it’s combination of drones and beats and more drones and clicks.

Resonanz Therapie Musik – Pale Sketcher

This is from 2011 I think but I only heard it last month. But it’s a great slice of electronica, from a group whose output tends to the more percussive.

It’s All Lies – Hawkwind Light Orchestra

And here comes Hawkwind in yet another guise, sort of – continuing to knock them out as they tend to do.

Bound for Glory – Black Star Riders

This is Thin Lizzy without Lynott and with the addition of the spookily close to Lynott’s vocals supplied by Ricky Wainwright (born in the North… of Ireland) from late lamented (by some of us) hard rock/punkish outfit The Almighty. It’s also spookily close to Waiting for An Alibi. But not quite.

It Isn’t Love – Grant Hart

From his solo album based on the works of Milton. Yeah, that Milton.

Pegasus – GEMS

I really like this, but I think I probably shouldn’t, given that it represents that fusion of Cocteau Twins and pop that no one was asking for.

The Court of The Crimson King – King Crimson

Believe it or not never knowingly heard this song or album before last week. It’s kind of good, as is 21st Century Schizoid Man, the stuff in between on the album is interesting too. Amazing how Beatles influenced they were and how much they influenced others subsequently.

Disclosure – I Break Horses

Very much flavour of the month with their second album, you’ll see reviews (a lot of them saying it’s a bit so so, which probably isn’t unreasonable) everywhere from the SBP to the Guardian. They’re good but not quite as good as some say they are. Still a lot to like even if they haven’t quite shook off their influences, those being Schnauss, MBV, M83 and others (including a hint of New Order on this track).


1. yourcousin - February 2, 2014

Everything is better with cows around, especially when you stock your freezer with a fresh one. A superintendent who grew up on ranch in Rawlings, Wyoming once told that being a rancher was a good way to starve.


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