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Safety nets… February 3, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in The Left, US Politics.

…or not… or actually yes… or…

“Why do you support the GOP?” Wallace wondered.
“Well, it goes to what my beliefs are,” [Denver Broncos executive vice president] Elway explained. “I believe that we’re giving the opportunity to succeed or not succeed.”
“I don’t believe in safety nets,” he continued. “Obviously, we’ve got to have some kind of safety nets [..]..’


1. ejh - February 3, 2014

Maybe sacked once too often….


2. EamonnCork - February 3, 2014

Denver could have done with a few safety nets last night as they got utterly pulverised by the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle’s decision to elect Socialist Kshama Sawant obviously gave them an edge in the contest. That’s 12 out of the last 14 Superbowls for states which voted Democrat in the 2012 Presidential election. Now for you Elway.


PaddyM - February 4, 2014

Would have been 12 out of the last 14 even if Denver had won.


EamonnCork - February 4, 2014

Indeed it would. That’s four Superbowls in a row contested by two Democrat supporting states. No wonder the Republicans are so cranky. The reigning baseball, ice hockey and basketball champions also come from Obama states. Which just confirms my suspicion that Republicans are an effeminate bunch of un-American wimps.


3. yourcousin - February 4, 2014

Really? Fucking really? I avoid news and sports all fucking day to avoid this and I tune into the CLR expecting some chatter about soviet era art or the trials and travails of the Dail leftists and instead I get this. Okay it was a bad game, a really bad game. It was a Dunkirkesque expedition of monumental proportions. I told my wife that it was just a game and aside from wearing my Broncos hoodie to work I kept expectations to a minimum. I said we had real problems to deal with and this was just another Sunday, but goddamnit I just want to go burn out the local Starbucks and spray “welcome to Broncos country” on the side walk outside (okay confession I always want to burn out Starbucks wherever I find them but this would be added impetus).

And upper management being in the GOP camp is hardly surprising. I would point out to EC that two democratic state senators have been recalled in purple districts and a third state senator in my own district resigned when faced with a recall petition over democratic gun control legislation that includes bans on high capacity clips and background checks on private firearms sales. And I happen to know a county commissioner in one of the most Republican counties in the state (seriously normally Dems don’t even bother to run candidates) who ran soley to prevent fracking in his county (cattle country). So yeah while I find Elway’s politics distasteful I still to this day mainly remember stuff like this

or this


EamonnCork - February 4, 2014

Wait for the League of Ireland season YC and take your revenge. Actually I was a big fan of Elway too. As for the game I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many things go wrong for one team at the same time. God knows what it was like to watch if you were a Broncos supporter. Anyway feel free to stick the knife in when Sligo Rovers pay the penalty for spending money on building five a side pitches instead of signing new players this year. And you’re right, football management and indeed many of the players tend to be right wing in their politics for the simple reason that they’re very rich men. It goes for our version of football as well as yours. Sorry for adding to your agony.


sonofstan - February 4, 2014

I think Sligo are to be applauded for their unfashionable devotion to infrastructure and investment in sustainability – no idea where they are getting these ideas from though: not native to either Ireland or football in general.


EamonnCork - February 4, 2014

I know you’re right but I’d still prefer to have Quigley and Horgan. And I’m not sure how sustainable it will be should we fall down the table and the crowds slump. I think there’s always a very thin line in the League between financial failure and success.
The Bohs and Shels Wolf of Wall Street excess with guys on a few thousand a week and massive squads was a recipe for disaster. But what we did under Cook and initially under Baraclough was to take a chance on building stronger squads than we’d had for a long time. Hence guys like Ndo, Quigley, North and Rogers ending up at The Showgrounds instead of in Dublin. We haven’t made any signings like that this time and it worries me that there’s an idea we can consolidate down the table for a bit. And the best way of sliding in the League is trying to stand still.
I can remember us fielding low wage largely locally based teams which everyone thought was a morally great idea. But no-one came to watch them because they ended up at the bottom of Division One. Sligo isn’t Dublin, there just isn’t a pool of local talent, the place is too small. Our schoolboys leagues are considerably weaker than those in Mayo and our Under 19 team, which we seem to think will provide reserve strength this year, is second from bottom of its league.
So I’m not sure this investment is necessarily a good thing. The large number of supporters from the hinterland won’t use it. And should the team drop down the table, the loss of gate receipts will cancel out any income from the pitches. Which, Sligo being Sligo, everyone will say are too expensive anyway and just an example of Rovers trying to screw money out of people.
Hope I’m wrong about all of these things but I have an end of an era feeling at the moment.
Not a CLR subject perhaps but who else is going to listen to me?


sonofstan - February 4, 2014

Yeah, I see the argument.

At Bohs, even in our current state, we can just about keep our heads above water in footballing terms by mining the Belvo etc pool. It doesn’t stop more than occasional calls to loosen the purse strings – to which ‘what purse?’ is the only possible response – but at least we just about stayed up.

Also, as you say, it’s easier for us to get the seasoned pro to play part-time for petrol money that int is for Sligo to ask him to drive for 2 1/2 hours up the Motorway a few times a week.

Sligo have brought a hell of a lot to the Premier Division since you came back up. One of my favourite Dalyer nights recently was when you beat us in the Cup semi and we gave Ndo a standing ovation.


RosencrantzisDead - February 4, 2014

Eamonncork’s comments may have been tongue-in-cheek. Just a possibility.


4. yourcousin - February 4, 2014

Like I said it was mainly the shock of seeing our loss coupled with Elway’s politics that got to me, especially when I thought I was safe from it. Again the only other post on the Broncos here was a punt return for a touchdown in overtime two+ years ago I believe, that I posted to celebrate. And a reference to Tebow, which doesn’t bother me as I was not a Tebow supporter.

I think the NFL is a slice of life honestly, one of our players John Moffitt quit during the bye week after being influenced by Noam Chomsky and the Raven’s punt kicker got into it wit Fox news (IIRC) over expressing solidarity for gay marriage.

I simply added the stuff on local politics to kind of highlight the schizophrenic nature of Colorado politics that defies classification in todays political world, the purple doesn’t mean necessarily middle of the road, it means elements from both sides which can make for some quirky politics to say the least.


EamonnCork - February 4, 2014

I do think sometimes American politics get simplified on this side of the pond. It’s as though because the USA is one country, people think that means it’s somehow as homogenous as Ireland. It’s a continent really as anyone who’s ever tried to get across the thing knows.
By the way YC have you seen either Nebraska or Inside Llewyn Davis? I’ve seen the two of them in the last few weeks and thought they were outstanding. Some great music in the latter. Hope it does for folk music what Oh Brother Where Art Thou did for bluegrass.

Actually there have been so many good movies over the past year it means that the prevailing cliché about cinema being dead and everything good being in a HBO box set is nonsense. Telly is better than ever but movies are much better than they’ve been for a long time too.


CL - February 4, 2014

If one looks at a map of the presidential election of 1864 and compares it with a map for 2012 one sees a remarkable similarity between the areas won by Lincoln and Obama. The U.S. is not homogeneous but there are certain continuities.
‘ America still reflects the regional, religious, and class divisions of 17th and 18th century Britain.’-


5. yourcousin - February 4, 2014

Sorry, hate to say it but TV went by the wayside years ago and we haven’t been to see a movie in years (austerity+kid). We do though have netflix streaming so if you would ever like to discuss the many, many, spectacular incarnations of the power rangers I am well versed on that subject. That or upland game hunting with dogs.


EamonnCork - February 4, 2014

Afraid not. The cat caught a snipe a couple of weeks though.


yourcousin - February 5, 2014

Teach that cat to quarter, get yourself a nice twenty gauge and it’s on.


EamonnCork - February 5, 2014

My daughters are obsessed with archery, I bought them proper bows and everything. Recently their mother caught one of them using the chickens for target practice so the instinct is obviously there. Hope you’re over the trauma of the weekend. It still seems like a somewhat unreal game.


6. yourcousin - February 6, 2014

You know it’s kind of funny or maybe sad but I know quite a few guys who have been known to ground sluice qrouse during elk archery. Well I don’t know if there is archery hunting left in Ireland but there are far worse ways to spend your life then outdoors in the company of friends and family doing something that requires patience, practice, and observation.

Yeah I’m getting over the game but I’m still sore over it, but like I told my wife there are real things to worry about in our life other than a silly game…but so help me god the urge to smash windows that bear a Seahawks sticker will take awhile to subside.


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