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Independent TDs and the Local Elections February 4, 2014

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In the aftermath of the 2009 Local Elections Michael Lowry claimed with gusto to have more seats than the Greens. “Team Lowry” did. There was also the Healy Rae dynasty that took seats in Killorglin and Killarney.
There are the existing Independent deputys like Michael Lowry and Michael Healy Rae who have a number of Councillors allied to them in more than one area.
Finian McGrath would have endorsed Damian O’Farrell, Maureen O’Sullivan was the Gregory Group candidate in 2009 in both the local elections and the Dublin Central By-Election.
Noel Grealish, would have allies in some of the former PD councillors in Galway.
There are others like Thomas Pringle, Ming Flanagan, John Halligan and Tom Fleming that would have been sitting councillors and co-opted replacements.
So far John Halligan looks to be fielding a number of candidates throughout Waterford, Stephen Donnelly has at least one so far in Greystones, Shane Ross at least one in Rathfarnham,
Tom Fleming has at least one candidate. There are “Team Mattie” Mattie McGrath candidates in Tipperary (interestingly former PD Councillor Richie Molloy spoke at one of the launches).
Elsewhere are there Catherine Murphy or Mick Wallace endorsed candidates?

Now are any of the former Labour or Fine Gael TDs fielding Independent candidates or at least endorsing them?

I wonder will (or have) Roisin Shortall or Tommy Broughan be endorsing any candidates?
I’m not sure either if Senator James Heffernan has enough of a base to be endorsing candidates.

The Reform Alliance are still in limbo so presumably the brothers of prominent RA members Declan Flanagan and Edward Timmins will be standing under the Fine Gael banner. A number of Councillors resigned from Fine Gael over Roscommon Hospital with Denis Naughten so I’m wondering if there will be a Team Naughten.
I cant imagine that there will be any Peter Mathews candidates.

How all these candidates get on might give us an idea of how secure various Independent TDs seats are and possibly another form of Left Alliance may grow from it too.


1. OUH - February 4, 2014

I think Patrick Nulty might end up supporting a few more.
I think Stephen Donnelly is endorsing a candidate.


irishelectionliterature - February 4, 2014

Yes Donnelly is endorsing Jennifer Whitmore in Greystones and I presume will have a candidate in Bray.


2. Willie Free - February 4, 2014

Halligan endorsing a few. Also appears on election leaflet for Seamus McDonagh, a election candidate in Meath.


3. dilettante - February 5, 2014

Nulty supporting somebody who has faithfully voted for the neo-liberal agenda in the EU (until she realised that there’s an election coming up and there are votes to be got by distancing herself from her formerly best friends)?

That sounds just about right 🙂


4. steve white - February 5, 2014

what is Tommy Broughan’s position at the moment


5. Paddy Healy - March 1, 2014

And Not a word about the candidates of WUA led by Seamushealy TD
Will Healy or Lowry end up with more councillors now that Tipp is united again?


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