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This is a reactionary moment. How reactionary? February 14, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Crazed nonsense..., Economy, The Left.

Well, here’s a straw in the wind.

And by the way, oh yeah… WTF…like WTF?


1. WithTeeth - February 14, 2014

I don’t think anything can be said except it’s on of the best justifications for the US 2nd Ammendment IMO. We really ought to shoot these fuckers before someone actually tries to implement that idea.

Love triangles are always hilarious. Bit too old for my taste mind you.


2. roddy - February 15, 2014

Now where did I hear that before – 10 properties= 10 votes.Couldnt possibly have been that utopia that youre not allowed to call “the orange state”


3. workers republic - February 16, 2014

The scary thing is, how many commentators on Irish Times .com/business agreed with !
In the 60s many people thought Ian Paisley was a buffoon, not realising how dangerous he was .Universal Suffrage didn’t happen overnight it was won incrementally over a long span of time. We are constantly hearing what what percentage of the tax-take is paid by the super-rich, well,the reason is rather obvious ! Their take of the wealth is so great .
Then we hear of all the (low-income ) people who supposedly “pay no tax” , but of course they do pay tax;VAT and a tax called “duty” on fuel , tobacco,alcohol and betting.
Some years ago I heard an Aristo , I think ’twas Mountcharles, on RTE ,quote “no representation without taxation “, and imply that ” they”? weren’t represented. I don’t know what his point was; did he want Aristos nominated to an Seanad or the Irish House of Lords re-established.
Creeping Plutocracy and Feudalism must be opposed, true Democracy must be defended and extended.
Beirigi Bua
n.b. no fada on my phone.


WorldbyStorm - February 16, 2014


The cast iron stupidity of some of what is said in comments on that piece is a sight to behold, isn’t it WR? No sense of how such approaches could impact on them with just a bit of bad luck (or a deep recession/depression). No empathy. And so much for the much vaunted ‘democratic values’ they supposedly uphold.


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