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SV from the CPOI – March edition March 9, 2014

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It can be viewed online here.

Table of contents:

Vulture capitalists eye Irish homes [NL]
James Reilly’s plenary indulgence [TMK]
The Victorious General
Give us bread and roses too
Social media: Whose interests do they serve? [EON]
Lions led by donkeys [NOM]
Is Monsanto poisoning us? [TMS]

They haven’t gone away, you know! [FK]
United States and European Union launch their destabilisation strategy [EMC]
Did Mandela really change South Africa? [TOM]
Venezuela: A difficult year without Hugo Chávez [SE]
Media watch
Creating a shared future: Winning the Shankill? [TR]
Letter: Creating a shared future

From the lead article:

Vulture capitalists eye Irish homes
A number of mortgage books have already been sold to unregulated private equity companies or hedge funds, mostly American; but in the proposed sales of the IBRC residential book (13,000 former INBS mortgages) we are looking at the largest sale ever of mortgages to unregulated vulture capitalists . . . What does this mean for mortgage-holders?


1. Garibaldy - March 9, 2014

I see the green, white and orange banding for the three lines in the top right corner that was present in the last issue is absent for this. Related to the debate inside on the letters pages I wonder.


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