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Here’s an interesting thesis… March 10, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish History, Irish Politics, The Left.

Reactions in the West of Ireland to political change in Northern Ireland, 1968-1982. (MA: NUI Galway, 2013) by Gerard Madden. A genuinely innovative perspective on the conflict which is well worth reading in full – and a good healthy Bibliography too! Thanks to the person who sent the link and thanks to Gerard too.


1. Stuart - March 11, 2014

… had a quick read of chapter 4, interesting stuff. Don’t know if the author knows this or not but both Ned and Irene King of Galway were elected to the first Southern-based subcommittee of the National H-Block/Armagh Committee (so too was Frank Stagg’s brother Joe.) A death notice in RSF’s paper (Republican Bulletin : Iris Na Poblachta, Issue 005, April 1987) noted that: “his comrades of the co galway h-block/armagh committees formed a guard of honour as [his …] remains … were brought from galway cathedral to rahoon cemetery”. — Stuart (author, “Smashing H-Block”)


2. Stuart - March 11, 2014

… that death notice refers to Ned King


3. Bob Smiles - March 11, 2014

Any plans to publish- hard to take in all detail on screen


4. GearóidGaillimh - July 14, 2017

An article based predominantly on the first chapter of this thesis, which is no longer online, appears in the current issue of Irish Historical Studies.

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