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Commemoration of the Irish Citizen Army March 22nd Liberty Hall, Dublin, 3pm March 15, 2014

Posted by guestposter in 1913 Commemoration Committee (1993).

This coming Saturday, March 22nd, there will be a Commemoration at Liberty Hall 3 pm to 4 pm including an Event by ANU Productions, Music by Des Geraghty and Friends, a Lecture on Foundation of the ICA by Ann Matthews and much more.


1. Anon - March 16, 2014

The Dublin City Branch of IMPACT, a successor to earlier brnaches which included members of the ICA, passed the following motion at the recent 2014 AGM:

“That this AGM notes that the centenary occurs at this time of the founding of the Irish Citizen Army, which came into existence to defend the ordinary workers of Dublin against the Dublin Metropolitan Police and the armed thugs of the Dublin employer cartel led by William Martin Murphy; and the men and women of which later came to join the fight for Irish freedom; we wish to remember their high principles, their heroism and their sacrifices and call on Conference to ensure that IMPACT organises and participates in suitable events to mark the occasion.”


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