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For the death and black metal fans in the audience… March 15, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture.

here’s an overview of black metal on Slate.com.

Always been more of a doom metal fan myself, Cathedral, Electric Wizard and so on, which makes sense because stoner rock in its myriad forms has struck me as being pretty great from Kyuss through to Monster Magnet. But it’s a great big musical spectrum out there.

And it does have an off putting effect to reflect on the white supremacism of some groups involved in black metal – in much the same way as finding out someone is a Death in June fan is kind of off-putting (though let’s not get started on neo-folk etc). I used to love Mortiis who crossed over originally kind of that area and there’s another man who it would seem made statements at various points that were far from great – though if I do him an injustice I’ll gladly be set right. Actually, moving further towards the mainstream at a rapid rate of knots, I’ve always rated Type O Negative musically, but there were questions too over their attitude and statements.

Musically it has always reminded me a bit of hard-core punk from the 1980s with which it shares certain aesthetic and formal qualities. But the politics of hard-core was just a different place by comparison.

Anyhow, someone the thread on Slate someone put this up, which I thought was just mean.


1. Enzo - March 16, 2014

Was walking around UCC a couple of years back and passed a girl wearing a Death in June shirt with the totenkopf and everything. The eyes nearly bulged out of my head.


WorldbyStorm - March 17, 2014

It’s strange how unnoticed that can be – though the sheer extent by which DiJ plunge in both lyrically symbolically and in other ways makes arguments about whether New Order were ‘fascists’ sort of seem risible.. Ladytron covered Little Black Angel a while back (which itself is a cover of a song by Jim Jone’s outfit), which I thought was near enough inexplicable. Apparently one of LT is a fan.


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