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Rebranding feminism? Part 1 March 29, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Feminism.

There’s an image in this piece on designtaxi from late last year which really resonates with me. The piece notes that:

For the November issue of women’s magazine ELLE UK, agency W+K London teamed up with feminist cofounders of Vagenda, Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, to rebrand feminism.

And that’s an interesting project in itself which raises many issues – does feminism need to be rebranded, what would such an exercise actually constitute or achieve and of course certain contradictions, not least the use of corporate media, advertising and so on in relation to advancing feminism. One commentor in comments beneath the piece noted some of the materials produced are great, but pink as a colour in one piece (and more on that issue again)?

And the image from the piece that resonated? Here it is.


The sign on the right brings back an experience from last Summer in the UK.

Sitting in a restaurant/bar a male waiter/manager commented negatively on a woman in the group I was in for having a pint instead of a glass (or ‘half’), something along the lines of ‘a glass of wine for the lady’; ‘no thanks, I’ll have a beer’; ‘I’ll bring a half over’; ‘No thanks, I’ll have a pint’… cue an expression of obvious disdain bordering on distaste and a muttered comment. Add to that at the end of the meal the term ‘we know who is wearing the trousers’ in relation to a brief discussion as to who was paying a bill and it surely underscores what the expectations of some men are.

Perhaps that was unusual, perhaps my experience – and that of those I was with – is atypical, but having been in a number of places in England and Wales across that period I’m not so confident about that.

A long way to go.


1. dmfod - March 29, 2014

You’d also be surprised at how many places automatically hand the bill to the man. It’s particularly annoying when you give them your credit card with your obviously female name on it and they still come back and hand the card machine to the man. Has happened to be loads of times, including in Dublin. The drink thing would not be common here though I wouldn’t think.


WorldbyStorm - March 29, 2014

I think that too re drink in Ireland, and that’s the assessment of those I know who are women. Actually there’s a useful discussion perhaps to be had on the differences and similarities in sexist behaviour between Ireland and the UK (and perhaps between North and South in Ireland). Where are they and how do they manifest themselves and why do they exist?

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be surprised re the bill point. That’s another issue that infuriates me. It’s the expectation, the assumptions behind it is so irritating. What does it cost to look around a table and make the effort to connect name to a person at it or stop being so lazy as to suppose the man is paying.

It just builds up and up. I also think it contributes to a situation where women’s voices are perceived as ‘lesser’ in so many social groupings, a sort of ‘the men speak first’ or they’re paid attention to more, or they ‘take the lead’, and all these behaviours combine to support those approaches.


2. Jim Monaghan - March 30, 2014

I remember Nell McCafferty et al demanding pints and refusing to drink in the snug. Oh and invading the 40 foot.


WorldbyStorm - March 30, 2014

Jim could you check your emails, been trying to contact you for some time now with no response. It’s probably not the usual WBS one that it’s coming through on (I’ve problems with my email at the moment). Thanks.


3. Joe - April 1, 2014

Feminism rebranded but not as one might wish. Fighting back against colonialism and racism.



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