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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week March 30, 2014

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

More admirably, and perhaps more daringly, Leo has been an unashamed champion of the middle classes, and has even admitted to being middle class himself. That’s braver than you think in this country. Right now, it’s very easy to talk about the poor downtrodden and the marginals and all the poor unfortunates. But being middle-class is more unfashionable than ever, and speaking up for them is even more so.

But Leo Varadkar has consistently spoken up for the middle classes on issues of taxation, pointing out to John Drennan in this paper that the middle classes are ultimately the ones who pay the bills for social protection and all the other officially recognised good causes. He is also well aware that the middle classes are the engine of the domestic economy, with his great phrase, “Millionaires spend their money on yachts, the middle classes spend their money in shops”. He has cautioned against making property tax a tax on living in Dublin, though he did not stop it from becoming one. He has even made the verboten suggestion that the middle classes are the ones who were hardest hit by this recession. All of which suggests that Leo Varadkar is reasonably comfortable with who he is, and not ashamed of it, and not ashamed to say things that might not play well to RTE or the Irish Times.

And in a way, what Leo Varadkar did last Thursday week epitomised the kind of decency we would like to associate with middle Ireland.

Brendan O’Connor.


1. ivorthorne - March 30, 2014

The man has his own TV show on RTE!


2. Gerard Murphy (@gfmurphy101) - March 30, 2014

Says the man that at the height of the recession was fleecing the ‘decent middle class’ for a cool 240,000 euro + salary for one nights work at RTE……decent of him that eh?


3. O Yassoon (@shambobble) - March 31, 2014

‘the kind of decency we would like to associate with middle Ireland’ is a telling phrase though.


4. Ed - March 31, 2014

‘might not play well with the Irish Times’ – a paper so consumed with hatred for the middle classes, it carried a whole series of articles on the ‘squeezed middle’, defined by (among other benchmarks) their need to cover private school fees. Does he actually read the Irish Times? Actually, let me re-phrase that – can he actually read? Does he just dictate his column to someone with basic literacy skills, like an especially dumb celebrity columnist (which is what he is, really)?


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