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No elected Mayor for Dublin… March 31, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

I find it hard to disagree with the SP on the following with regard to the elected Mayor for Dublin vote. That vote came to a full stop this evening:

The Socialist Party is the only council group to have declared a consensus, with all three councillors planning to vote Yes. Ruth Coppinger said while there was “no appetite” for the mayoral proposal, the party did not want to block Dubliners from voting.

What do others think?


1. Jolly Red Giant - March 31, 2014

Statement from the Socialist Party on the proposals for a directly elected mayor –



2. steve white - April 1, 2014

what extra powers would the councillors not on the Dublin Assembly committee have?

what parts of the budget will each council vote on


3. Liberius - April 1, 2014

It’s fascinating isn’t it that the brands of political ‘reform’ that tend to get bounced around in Ireland, and the UK for that matter, are often the ones that centralise power into the hands of a charismatic individual as opposed to the more collective reforms that could be suggested. I mean who seriously thinks that a mayor for Dublin would make any form of difference what so ever to the lives of Dubliners? Anyone fancy a Boris Johnson-like figure elected on a turnout of below 40%?

I would have thought that if they actually wanted to make serious reform to the local government set-up in Dublin they’d have started by actually allowing us to elect the regional authority that already exists. But then that wouldn’t carry the glitz and glamour of an American style mayoral election. And for the record I’d view that as enough reason as to why the viewing of programmes like House of Cards and the West Wing should be banned so as not to encourage the delusionalism…


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