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The CLR Political Quiz…… Number 70 April 11, 2014

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. Who was Labours second female TD ?
2. Who said “In Galway there is no Communism” ?
3. What Group had an address of PO Box 2944 , Dublin 1 ?
4. Who co promoted The Boomtown Rats gig in Clondalkin in the Late 70’s, Liam Lawlor, John Curran, Derek Keating or Tomas MacGiolla ?
5. Who is this?
6. Name the Party founded by Nora Bennis?
7. Who wrote the book “No Workers’ Republic!” ?
8. In 1996 The PDs produced a plan “A New Heart for Dublin” where was Dublin Port to be relocated to?
9. In the 1990’s ‘The Glowpath’ was an annual walk that culminated in a protest outside the Dail. What was the protest about?
10. Name these three gents

Answers to The CLR Political Quiz … Number 69

1. Jackie Healy Rae, Mildred Fox, Harry Blaney and Tom Gildea
2. Packie Gralton
3. Eileen Desmond in 1965
4. Fine Gael in 2002
5. 1989
6. Conor Cruise O’Brien, Justin Keating, Brendan Corish, Michael O’Leary, James Tully
7. 1979
8. Joe Behan
9. Cork
10. Labour


1. Tomboktu - April 11, 2014

Q4: that was quick!!!


irishelectionliterature - April 11, 2014

yes, quiz done in a rush this morning 🙂


2. queenelizabeth - April 11, 2014

1. Michael D. Higgins.
2. Karl Marx.
3. The Blades.
4. All of them.
5. Liz O’Donnell.
6. The All Night Party.
7. James Connolly.
8. Athlone.
9. The massacre of glow worms by the Chinese silk trade.
10. Larry, Curly and Moe.


3. Dr. X - April 12, 2014

“In Galway there is no Communism – ONLY ANARCHY!”


4. CL - April 12, 2014

No.10: Bugsy Siegel, Owney Madden, and Joe ‘Bananas’ Bonanno.


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