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IRCA Easter 2014 Address April 22, 2014

Posted by guestposter in Irish Politics, The Left.

Irish Republican Comrades Association – Easter 2014 Address

Speaker Pat John Kelly.

Welcome friends and comrades to the 2014 Official Republican Commemoration organised by the Irish Republican Comrades Association.

We are here to remember friends and comrades and all those who gave their lives in pursuit of an independent Irish Republic based on the needs of the Irish people linked with the beliefs of Tone and Connolly. In other times we would have naively called upon the Irish people to follow us alone in leading them to the promised land of the Socialist Republic. Unfortunately some still cling to that forlorn hope.

Republicanism has always been strong on tradition and has looked back for guidance and has regarded past tactics, with slight modifications, as being the only way forward. Should we be saying today that we hand on the torch to the next generation, therefore dictating without stopping to think what the next generation might want or believe? I don’t believe they would accept that, just as we did not accept it in our youth.

We, as the then Official I.R.A in the early 70’s, did our best to stem the seemingly unstoppable decent into all out sectarian war in this part of the island. Words spoken, and actions taken at the time, attempted to show that there was an anti-sectarian republicanism, founded and championed by the United Irishmen and modernised with the socialist critique of Connolly, still in existence. Thinkers and political activists like Liam McMillen, Cathal Goulding, Joe McCann, and others, recognised the critical nature of the impending disaster our society was spiralling towards and called for talks between all of the armed protagonists and political representatives!

Today, simply acting like old soldiers who held to the one true faith and reminding people as to how right we were all along and that the political compromise we called for over 40 years ago has in some way come to pass is simply not good enough. Some people could do that, and maybe believe that they are entitled to do that, but it would no basis for the forward movement of politics in our society. Friends and comrades it is time for an honest appraisal and critical look at our position and sphere of influence in the reality we live in today.

In recognition of the current reality the majority of our membership formed the Irish Republican Comrades Association because it best describes who and what we are. We conferred no grandiose titles on ourselves as was the case in the past. Irish Republican because we are followers of Tone and the enlightenment Republicanism of the United Irishmen and Comrades to denote our adherence to the socialist beliefs and principles of the Movement we came from. We therefore invite all those who still adhere to the principles of the Official I.R.A as it was termed and its political manifestations to forsake conspiracies and join with in this honest endeavour.

All who claim to be adherents of that tradition and background have to remember that it is the living we have to convince and work with politically, not the dead. Those who are seemingly in ongoing contact with the dead in relation to existing political reality must grasp and accept the fact that it is conversations with the living that have to take place now.
In recent history each Republican and or Socialist grouping has tended to regard their political interpretations with an almost religious fanaticism. Those who differed were classed as “heretics” deserving of more hatred than those who actually rob the people of their entitlements. In Belfast, the modern cockpit of Nationalist/Republican vitriol and rancour, led to school friends from the poorest neighbourhoods labelling each other Trotskyites or Stalinists, Nationalists or Communists. Of course the all-encompassing description “traitor” served, when other labels did not quite fit, leading to the same school mates and friends shooting and killing each other at the behest of malignant gurus.
Was it worth it? Let’s face it we all practised forms and degrees of fanaticism. The time is long overdue for a serious degree of realism in how we treat and engage with one and other and how we will attempt to influence the next generation.
This will be of major importance in creating the necessary tolerance, understating and trust to accommodate and build a meaningful and relevant “popular front” in building a strong alliance in opposition to the current right-wing political and economic orthodoxy accepted across these islands and around the globe. It is no longer of any relevance to the Irish people today which modern day historical group or organisation claims to be the one and only true inheritors of the political beliefs and value systems of Republicanism or Socialism.

In the monumental task ahead the one thing we have that the present and future generation of activists may require is experience. Experience at organising, experience at making mistakes, experience at weathering defeats, experience of not simply taking the populist line that always leads to the corruption of political ideals. That is what we can pass on, along with our political views of course, and help to inspire working people to strive for a new way forward.

Are we any closer after all the years of struggle and sacrifice to achieving the goal of a new way forward? What is the feeling among the broad range of people and groups on the left? Is it hope or despair? I fear it is the latter. We all failed in not having the courage to seriously address this issue. The broad left has failed, though many groups seem to still believe the failure is due to the reason that all the others did not adhere to their particular position.

We have had several generations of excuses for the failure of serious engagement to assist in the building of progressive politics. I am not saying that each group should simply abandon their individual political analysis. Just that we cease to abandon the potential for creating political progress in the interests of group or organisational self-righteousness! Many of the older so called left parties seem to have lost their way entirely. This of course could be blamed on lack of pressure from the grass roots. Are we and many groups like us too contented in our own small comfort zones to rise to the real and necessary challenge of a new left re-alignment?

Politics for the working class North and South have not progressed in our time. Like most countries they have regressed. While class enemies reap their ever-increasing bounty unimpeded at the expense of general humanity a political, economic and social battle-plan is being implemented across the capitalist world. It is aimed at dismantling of all the gains achieved by the struggles of working people in all countries over the last 150 years.

The only two political philosophies that have in the past been truly international are Capitalism and Socialism. Capitalism now enjoys runaway success and now views even the mildest forms of Social Democratic politics, grudgingly tolerated in the years of the modern Cold War, as a dangerous threat to their interests.

If “international communism” was Capitalisms deadliest enemy during that time, it is now the concept of “Social Democracy” itself that capitalism has now openly declared war on. It is fighting that war on all fronts with a ferocity not seen in history since the epoch of Capitalist, Colonial and Imperialist expansion of the 18th & 19th centuries. The current crisis and lack of a serious left political response is an international one.

If Social Democracy, and the parties who have represented it and still claim to represent it, cannot be bought, bullied or bribed into the acceptance of their economic and political hegemony, then they must be smashed and destroyed.

Here on this island and in Britain that process has already taken place with hardly a whimper of organised protest. The political structure in the Republic now lacks even the semblance of a Social Democratic voice, a necessary touchstone for all progressive politics.

This is all taking place while the groups and organisations on this island who should be working in defence of our class are furiously quacking at each other like angry ducks in an ever diminishing pond of political relevance. Continuous and ultimately futile deliberations about the philosophical minutiae of what the ultimate socialist society is and will be, must be left for another and less important day.

What is our response locally? Firstly no group should continue to dictate their analysis as the only way forward in an all or nothing syndrome. The way forward has to come about as the result of intense debate involving all those who strive for a just and humanist society. The main issues effecting working people of fair and decent wages, housing, health, education are the battlegrounds where common purpose should be found and acted upon.

We would advocate that there must be a whole new approach to co-operation and forming a united force to confront the advancement of the modern Capitalist agenda. Had anyone predicted fifty years ago that the banking and financial system would collapse as a result of gambling debts and the majority of working people would foot the entire bill people would have been laughed at!

The building of a “Social Forum” could begin the process to remedy that situation. A Social Forum north and south to re-awaken and re-invigorate the Republicanism and Socialism of James Connolly, Liam Mellows, Peader O Donnell, George Gilmore and Jim Larkin. A Forum that takes cognisance of the modern society and reality we live and exist in today would be a good starting point. Republican Congress was 80 years ago it is maybe long overdue that a similar concept at least be talked about in relation to the idea.

No matter what the pundits may say sectarianism is being challenged daily by a range of working class groups and organisations, ourselves included. If the sectarian language and chants seem louder and shriller today it is because the element of doubt is beginning to register. In saying that we still have a long way to go to rid our society of this ancient plague is an understatement to say the least. Sectarian voting patterns, and the outdated concepts of British and Irish nationalisms that perpetuate it in the North, pollutes Irish politics both North and South.

The present political power holders in the North continually highlight the differences between the two sides of our divided society, inventing new cultural ones as required. This is to perpetuate the “them and us” syndrome that saves them real political campaigning at elections.

A Social Forum in the North could provide a middle ground where working class groups could concentrate and elaborate on the commonalities of both sides. It could act as a venue where activists place one foot in with the other foot firmly in their own camp until the term “traitor” so beloved of Irish politics loses its power over progressive thinking.

This concept is not being proposed as some kind of magic formula or a quick fix solution to entrenched sectarian attitudes. It would be more the beginning of a long drawn out process to introduce the real politics of left versus right to a tribal voting system.

Friends and Comrades this is not a day for smugness of any kind. It time to think and renew open and frank debate and consider with others the proposition of a new departure.


1. EWI - April 22, 2014

That we’re here, forty years and a Peace Process later, and some people are still slow learners, is highly dispiriting.


2. Colm B - April 23, 2014

I still haven’t worked out whats happened with the ORM. Has the ORM been transformed into the IRCA or is the IRCA a split from the ORM? Can anyone clarify this?


Joe - April 23, 2014

From the threads on here, it appears that there was a split in the ORM. And now there are two separate groups – IRCA and ORM.
I could give you some guesswork on where either is stronger but I won’t cos on one of the threads on here it got really silly. No point in stirring all that up again.


3. Goban Soar - April 23, 2014

Due to a refusal by a branch of the O.R.M to co-operate with an inquiry into nefarious activities by members or semi- members in their area. And the growing perception that the O.R.M was regarded as just another quasi paramilitary faction led to the majority of members forsaking the group and forming the Irish Republican Comrades Association a title more realistic and descriptive of who we are. All the ongoing programmes and running of the office have continued with the loss of just one office activist.


Sean O'Harrison - April 23, 2014

Goban Soar , what waffle.
The area that you talk off had you under inquiry and you jumped ship with a crowd that was expelled from the O.R.M. in the same area…. you know that , I know that and the world and his dog knows it.
Also,The “IRCA” supposedly split from the O.R.M. due to the Official Republican “tag” holding them back in politics.
Yet the IRCA were present at a parade held on Easter sunday in Newry by elements expelled by the ORM and the rump of an R.S.F split,who now style themselves Official Republicans… I kid you not folks!
These same elements were present at Milltown cemetery on Easter Monday holding a IRCA banner and a wreath was laid by people styling themselves “Official Republican Association / IRCA Newry
Also these criminal elements embarrassed and insulted seasoned well respected Officials in Maguire’s on the Springfield rd when they took to singing provisional leaning songs.
So Goban Soar , what was the real reason behind you and your ilk trying to destroy the O.R.M.?
Was it down to ego’s? financial gain? or trying to stop skeletons coming out of the closet?


4. Jim Monaghan - April 23, 2014

Does anyone in these groups realise how far removed and how little connection they have to real people. For all their faults the groups and grouplets fighting elections are trying to relate to the people


5. Goban Soar - April 23, 2014

A bit insulting Jim. Most members of I.R.C.A are real people and have spent 30 and 40 years fighting elections and should be entitled to act their age.


6. Marxman - April 23, 2014

I believe there are now 4 factions within this group, 2 in Belfast (ORM & IRCA) and a further 2 in Newry. On Easter monday I was being driven to a local supermarket and spotted the Napoleonic leader of one of these groups standing at the gates of Miltown cemetery. We pulled over a short distance away to watch the outcome as they were obviously forming up to march to a plot that is not theirs. When they reached 25/30 or so they marched off into the cemetery, I am led to believe this is the IRCA faction. Today I am getting reports that the same person broke the rules at the burial of Repuplican Socialist veteran, Bobby McKnight and pulled out a speech and used the funeral to attack various enemies and WP. This according to reports on facebook, by people who were there and thought his behaviour was depicable although some reports are saying he didn’t mention WP by name but this was taken as read. I think knowing the track record of this man (membership of 3 different organisations in 20 years or so that soon it will be 4 different ones!)


Liam Lynch - April 29, 2014

From one socialist republican to another comrade, I would like to point out that Newry and Belfast ORM are one and the same, there is only one ORM which encompasses the whole island. The IRCA apparently have two for some reason, the other Newry faction called Official Comrades Association……the mind boggles.


7. Goban Soar - April 23, 2014

I afraid Marxman’s geography is wrong or he saw the wrong parade as the I.R.C,A did not march from the gates of Milltown. I was not aware that people or groups had to own the graves they pay homage at. No matter. I was present at bobby Mc Knights funeral and heard
Bobby’s son Robert introduce the speaker. I am led to believe Robert read the speech beforehand. Below is a copy of the speech which was freely given afterwards.
I feel privileged to be asked to say a few words on behalf of the comrades of Bobby McKnight saluting a long standing and highly esteemed republican. Today is a day for us all to express our friendship and solidarity to Eilish and her family. This only fitting because as we all know Bobby was first and foremost a family man. Bobby came from a very strong and dedicated republican family. A family that have given service to republicanism for nearly one hundred years. Most here today like myself would have been through recruiting classes given by Bobby and taken the declaration of membership or “sworn in” as it was termed. Afterwards he was a rock a steadying influence through our time in the movement. He put up with our youthful exuberance and impatience wanting to change the world next week if we couldn’t do it tomorrow. He was a calming influence, with that steady nod of the head he would say I accept that but and then would slowly bring us down to earth. He dedicated his life to the republican movement, and I don’t mean his spare time, for so many years he was on call night and day. Like so many republicans of old he retired from active service with hardly a penny to his name. We will all remember those boots he always wore and that strapless watch in his pocket. He done this without a hint of complaint as a matter of fact he hardly ever complained. He just done what had to be done as the movement was his life’s mission. The only thing I think I heard him complain about was betrayal, he hated betrayal and friends and comrades he was betrayed. Those who betrayed him only succeeded in making themselves lesser men in all our eyes. He was always his own man as the say, his loyalty was to the movement not to any personality or faction. He was a natural socialist who eagerly embraced the new departure by the movement in the sixties. By the time many of us joined he had already done more service than most to republicanism. National organiser for the I.R.A being one of the many roles he ably carried out, travelling the length and breadth of Ireland re-organising the movement and without a car I might add. He spent several spells in prison North and South which to him was all in a day’s work. Bobby with other members of the Belfast staff showed great courage when they were held at gunpoint by a group of born again republicans at the time of the split. Previously this same group asked Bobby to be their organiser this time with a car and a wage. He refused to forsake politics and take the easy path in those heady and highly emotive days. If it had not been for the brave and principled stand by that small group, the progressive political views and attitudes we hold today might never have flourished. For that stance alone, aside from all his other contributions we are duty bound stand and salute him today.
He was also a great one for debate, I can remember standing on street corners after meetings talking till out feet were as cold as the flagstones and then continuing the debate the next day. During the arduous and chaotic days of internment Bobby or The Mole as he was nicknamed then because he seemed to disappear and reappear in a different location, stayed in Belfast the whole time directing our actions and reining in our youthful excesses. After that he took charge of trade union activities in the movement’ that was the way with Bobby whatever the movement required of him he done it. Remember too that he almost paid with his life for his political stance. When zealots were given an easy path to his door to gun him down in front of his wife Eilish and their children. While he lay in hospital I and others were summoned by him to his hospital bedside to be advised on what actions we should take. I am sure he had many a wry smile when his would be killers themselves eventually accepted the political realities they had tried to murder Bobby for holding.
It is a much used and abused saying in Ireland but in this case it is fitting .We will probably never see his like again.


8. Marxman - April 23, 2014

Goban Soar, I saw him going into Milltown cemetery but the point is, why did he make that biased speech calling people traitors and by reference and malicious intention, putting words into a dead mans mouth? If Bobby thought they were traitors why did he request to be buried in the Workers Party plot? Why are there 4 separate versions of the ORM since it was formed? I know the vast majority of the Belfast members of ORM and there are decent people among them but I feel they are being led up the proverbial ‘garden path’ by a serial splitter who had not been a member of the Workers Party for several years. When he and other regenerated past members secretly tried to recruit members of WP to stage some sort of coup or putsch, they were rebuffed by all right thinking members, you stated you lost one member from your office well the Workers Party ‘lost’ 2 or 3 actual card-carrying members from the entire membership (btw, we don’t have semi-members unlike the ORM). So now that this person was rejected he has started out on a vindictive journey against the Workers Party and dragged good, past members with him. His whole raison d’étre is his obsession with all things WP. The evidence for this has come from various people who have left orm/irca and returned to the fold and told of his and another wildly erratic person, (who was dismissed for financial misappropriation) both of whom have enough axes to grind to start a small lumber-jack company. I personally was talking to a protestant, clergy man a while ago and during the course of our discussion he mentioned this person and asked did I know him, I said yes but didn’t denigrate him to the Reverend, the Reverend said he mentioned the Workers Party several times with a venom that he said, ” took him aback! “Look Goban Soar, good luck with your IRCA but try and shed the modern day grave-robbers, Burke & Hare’s, obsession with all things WP.


9. Goban Soar - April 23, 2014

Oh! Oh! Worldbystorm its starting to deteriorate again as you feared.


Marxman - April 23, 2014

Excellent reposte, Goban Soar!


10. roddy - April 23, 2014

Without becoming embroiled in the above ,would I be right in assuming that Bobby was a brother of former SF councillor Sean McKnight?


Marxman - April 23, 2014

Yes roddy.


11. Sean O'Harrison - April 23, 2014

Most people on here will know my allegiances but allegiances aside , what happened at Bobby McKnight’s funeral was disgusting.
I and other ORM members walked away in disgust when we heard the jist off the little hitler’s speech.
We were talking with WP members on the way out of Milltown and there was anger and disbelief that he could stoop so low to try and score cheap political points at the funeral of a well respected Socialist Republican.
We were there to honour a good man and to give him a send off he deserved ,shoulder to shoulder with others who respected Bobby , regardless of present day political allegiances…yet this bitter little egotist sullied the occasion.


12. Goban Soar - April 23, 2014

Amazing the amount of bile this man can engender. Can he really be a reincarnation of Hitler or Napoleon. Meanwhile any comment on the Easter statement.


Bob Smiles - April 24, 2014

Hard to see what is so controversial about statement itself., sorry to see so much anger at a dispute that most people will not even understand


Gewerkschaftler - April 24, 2014

+1 about the content of the statement.

And I too don’t think these disputes to the wider left in Ireland any good whatsoever – in fact they come straight out of the age-old ‘how to split a movement and render them ineffective’ play-book.


Sean O'Harrison - April 24, 2014

The talk about betrayal and men being lesser in our eyes!
I think most at the funeral knew he was trying to score cheap points against HIS perceived past and present day enemies… It was neither the day nor the place for such sentiments.
It’s obvious Bobby didn’t have a fraction of the enmity this individual carries for certain quarters or else , as was said above , he wouldn’t have asked to be buried with his comrades in that particular plot.
This and other erratic behaviour lately smacks of desperation and hopefully is the death rattle of this charlatan and his ilk.


Sean O'Harrison - April 24, 2014

The above post In reply to Bob Smiles.


Liam Lynch - April 29, 2014

Another Hitler we don’t need, although we have had a few recently who called themselves democrats and peacekeepers. No, Hitler was astute enough to use the socio-political situation at that time in Germany to bring about a political situation for the advancement of Nazi ideology. Napoleon on the other hand although power hungry was a great military strategist. Thankfully this man you refer to would never be capable of such achievement because one thing we don’t need is another dictator. Unfortunately for Germany and the world no-one stopped Hitler until it was too late, it’s a good job the Irish don’t like dictators


Liam Lynch - April 29, 2014

The above post in reply to Goban Soar.


darren mc cormick - July 18, 2014

Goban soar, why are you trying to defend the person who leads the so called, “i.r.c.a” when you know full well that he is what everybody is saying about him and oh sorry il just tell everybody on here since you wont and of course you’ll deny that, hiding behind an irish name that means an irish lengend, an architect, etc. Well sean ohare, your far from an goban soar, your nothing but a greedy old man, scumbag and you a accuse members of the o.r.m for thuggery, take a look at your two sons sure you know that any way as long as your getting money out of it,


liam lynch - July 18, 2014

Darren, I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you, Goban Soar -Sean O’Hare, what’s the difference ?, if you know what I mean ?. The latter is a nothing who wants to be a somebody who adopts a name to give credibility to his own worthless existence.


darren mc cormick - July 27, 2014

Excactly how sad is it that he has to blow his own trumpet to make himself look bigger and better than every one else,, ssssoooooooo pathetic sean, seriously do you really see yourself that way that you and only you created an organisation all by yourself, thats when behind the scenes you were working along with the governments and just to cut along story you distant yourself from the o.r.m. and the excuses you made up to do so,, would love to know what you think when you look into the mirror and see yourself looking back,, shame on you old fool.


13. Wilvers - April 24, 2014

I realise Sean that you are coming at this with all the bitterness of an unemployed old friend but enough is enough.


14. Dekkard - April 24, 2014

Sticks, Super Sticks and Super Duper Uber Sticks?

What unites us is greater than what divides us eh?

An attempt at some conciliation wouldn’t go a miss


Liam Lynch - April 29, 2014

How would one go about reconciling Britist Imperialism with Irish Republicanism ?


15. Colm B - April 24, 2014

Seriously comrades, I was just asking a simple question, I did not wish to set off this internecine bitterness. I had quite a bit of respect for the ORM when it was originally formed but things seem to have degenerated into personalised squabbling.

I am saddened to learn about Bobby McKnights death,I met him once or twice when I was in the WP in the 80s and I knew his son Robert when we were in the WPY. My condolences to the family.


Wilbur - April 25, 2014

Thank you for the collective, unified and dignified silence over the past 24 hours.

You should all leave it at that.

Maybe then, regardless of whichever group you are with, we can begin to think about what can be done in the face of the most sustained unrelenting attack on the working class since the industrial revolution, only this time on a global scale.

We would do better by focusing on what we can do to continue the life work of a good man, a fine republican and true socialist. Anything else is time wasting, unproductive and disrespectful.

To Bobby’s family my sincere condolences, he was a good one.


Oliver . - April 25, 2014

Amen to that, Wilbur,it’s time to move on, learn the lessons of the past, Bobby was a good Republican/Socialist,may he rest in peace. His Funeral should not have used as a platform for
division, but a call for unity of the working class would have been more in keeping with his memory.


16. Mark P - April 25, 2014

It might be worth considering some kind of moderation queue for comments on threads about the ORM, IRCA or that broader milieu. Or maybe an ip ban for a small number of people. These discussions are always a total mess, with anonymous people swapping accusations that are vicious in tone but completely incomprehensible to outsiders.


BB - April 25, 2014

I presume that the ‘ip’ refers to the machine address of the poster and this ban would deny access to the main forum. My gut instincts tell me to avoid this kind of censorship unless it is repeated after warning by moderators.

How about another way of dealing with these problems? How about creating a sub forum on this site whereby warned posters can be disallowed entries to the main forum; but permitted to continue their discussions on the sub forum — something that can be viewed by all should they wish to? This exclusion would last for a finite period, for example, one month and thereafter it’s back to usual arrangements.

And as I mentioned previously, people should feel free to attack the post but not the poster. Let us not forget that this includes scornful remarks about posts.


17. roddy - April 29, 2014

Has anybody the slightest notion what all this Hitler stuff is about?


Crown Prince Godwin the Fourth - April 29, 2014

Eh, what?

Did somebody mention Hitler!

Sorry I dozed off there.


18. narrowwaterwilbur - May 13, 2014

An Open Invite.

This is one day, one time, one place where the broad left can stand together. A place for all socialists and republicans to be. Newry next Sunday 18th of May.
This week will mark the 40th anniversary of the murder of two Official Republicans, by British soldiers in the Ballyholland area of Newry, both men were leading members of the Republican clubs and both of them had stood as Republican Club candidates in the elections of 1973.
On the 15th of May 1974. Colman Rowntree and Martin McAlinden were taken prisoner by 7th Para and coldly executed.
They were part of the fight to create an Ireland free from corruption and injustice, they were fighting for an end to poverty and inequality and they were standing up against the evil of sectarianism which in 1974 was spilling working class blood on the streets of the north of Ireland.
This coming Sunday the 18th of May 2014 at 1.30 pm a parade to the unveiling of a new memorial, close to where they were killed, is taking place from Ballyholland Crossroads, just outside Newry City Centre.
The Colman Rowntree/Martin McAlinden Memorial Committee wish to make this event as inclusive and welcoming as possible, all sections of the community are cordially invited. We particularly hope to see a wide representation of the Irish left.
We are asking that any political differences are put aside for this one opportunity to pay a fitting and respectful tribute to these two fine ordinary young working class men doing extraordinary things in extraordinary times.
Looking forward to seeing you there,
On behalf of the committee,
Dan Moore, Oliver Mc Caul, Paddy Smith, Wilbur Mc Kevitt, Larry Carragher and Leo Foy.
(For directions search Google maps for Ballyholland shop Newry)


19. Liam Lynch - December 14, 2014

hear the cops are closing in on the wee baldy man, unless he’s already in san Francisco !!!! what’s the crack sean, you who are so holy than thou. Treatyite that you are.


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