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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week April 27, 2014

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

The events at the ASTI conference naturally provoke some stupidity. In this case, Donal Lynch draws the wrong lesson from the fact journalism can be a precarious job with poor conditions, and teaching less so.

Indeed, compassion for the suffering teachers generally wasn’t very much in evidence. You could see some of the assembled press playing their tiny violins as the teachers sang their litany of sorrows. Insecurity for junior members of the workforce, lack of anything resembling a proper pension, decreased pay and increased workload – some of the key complaints teachers have about their work conditions – are all par for the course in modern journalism. And, unlike the rest of us, secondary teachers have roughly four months a year to relax, regroup and perhaps get to work on an entirely different career if they so choose.

Emer O’Kelly tops that with a crass and ignorant piece that ends as follows.

Because if we have learned anything last week, it is that the current education system and its current points structure attracts entirely the wrong kind of people into teaching.

On that note, I’m off to throw up.


1. fergal - April 27, 2014

Wonder if Donal Lynch goes to his NUJ meetings! Is he related to Declan Lynch, cos everybody in the Sindo seems to be related somehow- maybe this is what O Kelly wants to replace the points system – good old fashioned nepotism.


2. crocodileshoes - April 27, 2014

Myers was spewing similar bile in the ST. He and Emer O’Kelly must have a hard time at school, in the twenties.


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