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Fianna Fáil eile April 30, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics.

The SBP noted this weekend that:

Fianna Fail’s prospects in the local elections have been hit by the decision of 19 party loyalists to run as Independents.
In almost all cases, they were unable to get selected to run by the party at a time when the number of seats in rural areas has been cut back and town council seats are being abolished.
And they include three former members of Fianna Fail’s national executive. The party has accepted that some of them will win seats.
Many of them have been members for over 40 years, such as former Fianna Fail Senator Dan Kiely (74) who is running as an Independent in North Kerry after serving as a Fianna Fail councillor for 27 years.
”I’m getting an unbelievable response at the doors. In all my years canvassing, I never got a better response. Maybe people feel sorry for me in the way I was treated, he said.

Would that it were truly unbelievable, but no, I can believe him. Anyhow, it’s a small party’s worth of candidates at 19 and if even half are elected, particularly if they are elected over official nominees, that will cause some ire. Still, it may simply prove that the FF brand remains so toxic that only those who scuttle away from it are electable.

But let’s not forget those who departed before the last local elections. There’s a fair few of them too and that’d be another small party’s worth.

The thing is that once one is elected under the Independent banner, particularly if one hasn’t been elected before on an official ticket, it becomes improbable that one will go back to the earlier political home. There’s lots of reasons for this, but caution is probably the most important one. Simply put it’s a risk – an ‘independent’ identity that has been successful has been carved out and proven its worth – and with the current incarnation of FF it’s a greater risk.

Still, every bit of additional turmoil only adds to the entertainment value. Perhaps this set of local and European elections do count for little enough as was discussed yesterday, though I’m not convinced of that thesis, but without a shadow of a doubt they’re enthralling in terms of seeing how people get on. Or not.


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